Woman Records Live Video of Her Teenage Sister’s Deadly Car Accident

Instagram is a social media platform that can show live videos, but sometimes the videos are far from entertaining. In the case of 14-year old Jacqueline Sanchez, it was horrifying. Her sister, Obdulia Sanchez, recorded and streamed the video of Jacqueline’s death on Instagram.

Police Arrest Obdulia

As a result of this tragic incident, police officers of the California Highway Patrol arrested 18-year old Obdulia on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter as well as driving while intoxicated.

The police reports state that Obdulia was driving north of Los Banos with her sister and another 14-year old girl sitting at the back seat. The car swerved off the road, and veered into the highway lanes and then crashed into a wire fence. Jacqueline was ejected from the vehicle, as the car rolled into the grassy field.

Jacqueline died as a result of her injuries, while the other teenage girl also suffered serious injuries to her right leg. Later, the police officers also discovered that the older Sanchez girl made a video of the entire incident.

What Was on the Video?

The video actually started recording well before the start of the crash. Obdulia started recording as she got in the driver’s seat. Loud music was blasting, and in the video she was singing along with the music while making hand gestures. At one point, she held up her middle finger to the camera.

The video recorded the crash as it occurred. Right afterwards, Obdulia panned the camera towards her sister Jacqueline as the younger girl was lying on the grassy field. The video showed that the girl had suffered severe head injuries.

While the camera was rolling, Obdulia was recorded saying ““My sister is dying…look…I love my sister to death.” She then kissed her sister in the face, while she also shook her and beseeched her to “wake up”. The video also records Obdulia saying that she killed her sister, but she didn’t care.

Outrage over the Video

Many felt that driving drunk was a serious enough crime, and it was compounded by having teenagers along for the drunken drive. What numerous people found offensive was the fact that Obdulia continued to record her sister’s death, instead of calling for help.

This incident is just another example of how dangerous it is to drive drunk. It also illustrates how intoxication can lead to criminal behavior. Had Obdulia called for help as quickly as possible, her younger sister may yet have survived the car crash.

There will likely be a civil suit filed in this case. Thats where a car accident lawyer in San Diego would come into play. If you or any member of your family is injured due to the driving of an intoxicated person, you should call an experienced car crash lawyer. The lawyer can then make sure your family is properly compensated for any injuries, and they can also make sure that all pieces of evidence are gathered—including Instagram videos.