San Diego Aviation Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been the victim in a plane crash, you should seek legal free advice today. While plane crashes are much less common than any other type of accident, they are often the most fatal. Each year approximately 4 billion passengers fly to various locations around the globe with roughly 300 of those passengers sadly not making it to their final destination. Aviation accidents occur all over the United States for several different reasons. The most common aviation accidents are due to pilot error, faulty equipment, and bad weather conditions. While most personal injury cases can be handled independently, aviation accidents are much more complicated and include many complex factors.

Experienced Aviation Accident Attorneys

Our team at Ozols Law Firm has experience handling aviation accidents for our clients. Due to many variables involved in aviation accidents, it is often very difficult to seek justice for our clients. These types of accidents can take months if not years of research and investigations to get the results our client’s deserve. Between our knowledgeable attorneys and years of experience, you can feel confident knowing that your hired the right team for your aviation lawsuit.

Airlines Can Be Negligent Leading to Accidents

While most airlines take various safety precautions and require daily maintenance checks before every flight, sadly other airlines would rather save money and hope that no mechanical errors occur while you’re in flight. If you are one of those unfortunate victims of these careless airlines, we are here to be your voice and fight for your rights. No passenger should ever have to worry about whether or not the flight they have boarded is safe and up to code.

Within the past 3 years the Federal Aviation Administration has sued Southwest Airlines two times for safety related issues. While you would think after the first time this would be fixed, that is not the case. Sadly Southwest would rather save money in maintenance fees than worry about the safety of their passengers. This type of blatant negligence is the reason why our attorneys endlessly fight on our client’s behalf. One of the main reasons our firm started in the personal injury business is to help seek justice for our innocent clients who have been taken advantage of by negligent corporations.

Faulty Equipment Causing Airlines Accidents

In addition to airline negligence, another main reason for aviation accidents is faulty equipment. While faulty equipment is nearly impossible to detect until a major issue arises, manufactures can be held responsible in the case of an aviation accident causing serious injuries or death. The plane’s manufacturers are responsible for thoroughly testing their equipment and making sure the equipment provided is up to code. While faulty equipment is hard to prove, it is not impossible.

Pilot Error Causing Airplane Crashes

Another common cause of aviation accidents is pilot error. In fact, nearly half of all plane crashes are due to errors made by the pilot. Each flight pilots can encounter a number of different issues including navigating through bad weather, losing cabin pressure, engine failure and many other serious issues. If you have been involved in an aviation accident that occurred due to the negligence of the pilot, you should speak with an expert aviation accident attorney today.

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Call today to begin your free consultation and speak with an experienced aviation accident attorney. One of our knowledgeable attorneys can discuss the details regarding your accident and discuss the options you may have in pursuing a lawsuit. In addition to the free consultation, our firm also provides all the legal work on your case on a contingency basis. This means that our aggressive and experienced team of attorneys will work for free until we have recovered a settlement on your case. By hiring our team of expert attorneys with decades of aviation accident experience, you can feel confident that your case is in good hands!