La Jolla Personal Injury Attorneys

La Jolla California is somewhat of a beach city right out of the middle of San Diego County. La Jolla is knows as the most prestigious places to live in San Diego. With some of the nicest beaches in all of California, this is a place people come to relax and enjoy on the weekends. La Jolla is home to UCSD and therefore has a hospital in the immediate area. There are not many violent crimes in this area but there can be car accidents and medical malpractice incidents coming out of the hospital.

Being involved in an accident can be a damaging event in one’s life. It can leave you with serious medical bills, anxiety and even prevent you from being able to work. Whether you or a loved one has been physically or emotionally damaged in an accident, our team of attorneys are here to speak with you and fight for your rights.

Fighting Hard for our Clients

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident that was of no fault of your own, call our firm in La Jolla today. If you are uncertain whether you incident would qualify for a settlement, call our team of aggressive attorneys today for a free consultation. During this call, one of our experienced attorneys will discuss the details of your accident and determine whether your case is eligible for a lawsuit.

At Ozols Law Firm, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service on every case. Because we do not take any money until we have won your case, we work around the clock to ensure that you receive exceptional results on your settlement. Our main priority is fighting for the rights of our La Jolla clients to get them the results they deserve. We understand that being the victim in an accident is hard enough to overcome, which is why we make the settlement process as stress-free as possible. Our team wants you to know that you are not alone in this process.

Lawyers Experienced in Handling Personal Injury Cases in La Jolla

 Our expertise in the field allows us to provide the best possible outcome on your case. Secondly, because we know the laws and regulations on personal injury cases and will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Having our La Jolla law firm on your side can make a significant impact on the settlement in your case.

In addition, we strongly believe that you the victim should never be held responsible for another person’s negligence. If you do not have a team of experienced personal injury attorneys on your side, insurance companies will do all that they can to ensure they’re protecting themselves and their clients during this process. By having a team of aggressive attorneys fighting on your behalf, let’s these insurance companies know you are not here to mess around.

If you’re interested in hiring a team that will aggressively fight for the settlement you deserve, call our firm today. We provide a free consultation to every client to assess your case and determine if you’re eligible for a lawsuit. We look forward to helping you with your case.