Ocean Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Ocean Beach is located just Northwest of downtown San Diego. It is a great location to live with quick access to the beach as well as many restaurants and shops. Ocean Beach is very dog-friendly area with dog friendly beaches and parks to play with your four legged friends. There are a lot of accidents in Ocean Beach that require personal injury lawyers to intervene.

Some of the most common one are of course dog bite accidents. These cases come up at the beach and near people’s homes surrounding the beach. In the area of the beach it is illegal to have one’s dog off a leash, so if that is the case and a bite occurs, it makes it a very strong case for our client. In that situation it is very important to have an experienced dog bite lawyer by your side. We also encounter car accident cases a lot in the Ocean Beach area. With the high amount of traffic in the summers there are always people around which means more cars and more accidents. This is quite common and we have experience dealing with these types of cases.

Helping Ocean Beach Accident Victims Get Recovery

Being the victim in a serious accident can be a traumatizing event in one’s life. Whether you are suffering from emotional trauma, bruising, broken bones, have become paralyzed or even lost a loved one in an accident, we are here to fight for the rights you deserve. At Ozols Law Firm, our team has years of experience and knowledge handling serious lawsuits all over San Diego County. If you or a loved one has been the victim in an accident of no fault of your own in the Ocean Beach area, call today to begin your free consultation. During your consultation, one of our knowledgeable attorneys can answer any questions you may have and discuss the process of moving forward with a lawsuit.

One of the most frequent questions our firm receives, is why should we hire an attorney? The short answer is because personal injury cases are all we focus on. Our attorneys have gone through many years of law school and outside training to learn every aspect of this field.

These insurance companies constantly call you trying to make early settlement agreements. However, you need to note that these companies do not have your best interest in mind when making these offers. These companies are aware of your lack of experience in the field and will take advantage of an innocent victim.

Experienced Ocean Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

In addition to our years of experience as well as dealing with the unpleasant insurance companies for our clients, our firm also has great connections with other professionals in Ocean Beach. We know the businesses, the people and what we need to do to get you the best possible result. Due to the relationship we have made with these professionals, most Ocean Beach businesses are able to provide their services on a lean basis. This simply means that they will provide their services for free until your case is over and you have collected your settlement. Once you have agreed to a settlement offer, these professionals will take a small percentage of the money you’ve won for the services they have provided. This allows you to focus on your recovery process rather than how you will financially afford these services.

Our personal injury and car accident firm makes sure to keep in close contact with our clients throughout every step of the lawsuit. We never want our clients to feel left in the dark or have any unanswered questions. In addition, we provide our clients with our experienced attorneys personal cell phone number to ensure all questions or concerns are answered in a timely manner.

To learn more about your rights as a victim, call us today to begin your free consultation with an experienced attorney on our team. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your accident as well as discussing realistic expectations and outcomes on your case.