Scripps Ranch Personal Injury Lawyers

Scripps Ranch is a city that is a little north of San Diego but still located in San Diego County. It is known as an affluent community with some of the nicest Neighborhoods throughout San Diego. Scripps Ranch is also known for a great school district and community feel. We have handled all types of cases originating out of Scripps Ranch from car accidents to wrongful death.

Free Consultation for Scripps Ranch Personal Injury Cases

Being severely injured in an accident can be a very frustrating and painful time for the victim and their family members. Accidents like these can leave individuals out of work and without pay for weeks, months or even years. Figuring out how to comprehend this news and how to move forward with your life can seem like an impossible task. By speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable Scripps Ranch personal injury attorney, we can help ease your mind and discuss a plan to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident in Scripps Ranch, you deserve to know your rights as a victim. We will determine whether we feel your case is appropriate for a lawsuit or not. If we feel as though your case is suitable for a lawsuit, we will go over realistic expectations and determine a plan of action. If you feel as though we are the right personal injury attorneys for you, our firm will write up a contract and begin working on your case on a contingency basis. In other words, this means we will work for free until we have won your personal injury settlement. In the rare occasion that we are unable to recover any compensation, you do not owe our firm any money for our services.

Over the years, our firm has handled all sorts of personal injury and car accident lawsuits. We have seen cases where an individual was trying to enjoy a peaceful walk on the beach and was randomly attacked by a dog, which left behind scars and emotional damage. Another common case we have seen involves uneven pavement as well as slippery floors causing our clients to slip and fall, often causing head, neck and back injuries. Last but not least, amongst the most common case we receive are car and truck accidents. Regardless of the type of accident you have endured, we are confident we will recover the settlement you deserve.

Experienced Scripps Ranch Injury Attorneys

When we hear about individuals handling their own lawsuit, we feel awful because we know how heartless the insurance companies can be. These insurance companies take advantage of innocent victims and offer cringe worthy settlement offers. Instead of offering an acceptable settlement offer to help mend the damage their client has caused, they start as low as possible in hopes that your lack of experience will lead you to accept. Unfortunately many victims only think about the current need for money and neglect to realize the injuries they have obtained may be a long-term issue. This can mean years without being able to work or potentially needing series of physical therapy sessions. We know how each insurance broker works and handles these Scripps Ranch cases.

Hiring a team of experienced and aggressive attorneys to fight on your behalf can make a significant difference on the outcome of your case. Our attorneys years of experience in the field will allow us to get the settlement offer you deserve. We will aggressively fight from the moment you sign a contract until the moment we get the settlement you deserve. Our Scripps Ranch personal injury attorneys will fight for what you deserve. Throughout the case, one of our experienced attorneys will notify you about updates and any new information regarding your case. In addition, we are available any time throughout the lawsuit to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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