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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney is someone who is going to be there for you at one of the worst points in your life. Being injured by another is something that is tough to deal with. You have to deal with physical pain, medical bills and potentially property bills as well. To make things even worse, it seems like everyone is coming after you, like you did something wrong. You need someone to stand up for you and to stand up for your rights.

At our firm, we are there for you immediately right when the first phone call begins. The first step in our process is to get all the information we can about you and what happened. In this business, details are very important. The slightest detail about the event could change everything. We like to hear more about our potential clients and figure out what is the best way we can help them and get them the best possible result.

At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego we don’t take on every case that comes through the door. Our years of expertise has given us the opportunity to be more selective and only work on the cases where we believe we can make a difference. After the first phone consultation we generally do an in person consultation where we can learn more about the client. We also answer any additional questions or concerns they may have. At this point we also sign any paperwork that is necessary to move forward with the case. It is very important that we are able to access the medical records of all parties in the case.

Once we are on the case, the fact-finding begins. You can relax and let us do all the work. We have to look at the scene of the injury, find out all the parties that were involved, the statements they made, any police reports that exist, which parties have insurance and what are their coverage limits.

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After all the fact-finding is done then it is time to start negotiating on your behalf. Personal injury cases can take months to years. We understand that sometimes our clients need money immediately but we do not ever compromise that to try and get a quick result. For us, our goal is to get the maximum payment in the shortest amount of time.

At our firm we have powerful negotiators on your team. You are not going to have a paralegal or a secretary negotiating your case like at some other firms. At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego, our lawyers are the ones that are doing the work. We have negotiators that are proven to be some of the best and most aggressive in San Diego.They only care about the bottom line and who know how to get it. The insurance companies know us, they know who we are and they know our reputation. We are not someone that they want to go up against in the courtroom and that is why they give us the best possible settlements.

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It is very rare in the practice of personal injury for a case to go to court and even more rare for a case to go to trial. The court process is expensive and insurance companies would rather settle than pay lawyers to defend their side of the case. However, if your case does go to court, you want to make sure you have real trial lawyers by your side. It may surprise you to hear this but the truth is, there are several personal injury law firms in San Diego that will not even go to court for you. Some of the their lawyers have never actually handled a personal injury case in court and they pay other law firms to make their appearances for them. That is not who you want representing you, someone who is afraid to go to court or someone with no courtroom experience! We have trial lawyers that have obtained positive verdicts in every courthouse in San Diego. We are not afraid to take the case to the very end, and if it gets there, we are very good at doing what is needed to get you the result you deserve.


At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego We Don't Get Paid Until You Do

One principle we stand by is that we do not get paid a cent until you do. Yes, we do all the work without any pay unless you collect. We do this because we are so confident that we will be able to get the best possible result in a case. There are cases where we spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of our own money before the case is resolved in order to get a better result for our clients. We are not afraid to spend for our clients if we know they have a good case and they deserve it.

At our firm we care about our clients and we care about the results. If you want serious trial lawyers on your side, call for a free consultation.