Chula Vista Personal Injury Attorneys

Chula Vista is a city south of San Diego. It is commonly known as South County due to its geographic location around the county. Chula Vista has a population of around 250,000 people and is the second biggest city in San Diego. There are great locations to live in Chula Vista including the gated community of East Lake. Chula Vista has one courthouse but that courthouse is primarily used for criminal and not civil proceedings. There are some proceedings that are done in the Chula Vista courthouse but most of those are family law type situations. Chula Vista, like any other large city is known for having people and places all over the place. That combination usually means accidents and personal injury cases. Whatever the type of accident, a place with a lot of people and a lot of businesses is prone to accidents.

With its beach vibe and budget, Chula Vista is a desirable place for people to live and residents of San Diego are often flocking south to check out the new housing developments.

Litigating Personal Injury Cases in Chula Vista

Our team of Chula Vista personal injury attorneys has a thorough understanding of the law and the rights you’re entitled to. At our firm we understand the pressure and anxiety that comes along with being in a serious accident, which is why our goal is to help alleviate that stress by assisting you in every step of your case.

The first step in a personal injury case is determining whether or not you have a case. We provide a free consultation to every client to assess the details of the accident to determine if you have a case. Once we have determined you have a case, our team of aggressive attorneys will fight for fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Do I have to do Arbitration on my case in Chula Vista?

Arbitration is something that is encouraged by the courts but not always required. The reason the courts do this is to try and save time for the judges and other judicial staff. Arbitration goes in front of someone who is supposed to be neutral on the facts and tries their best to have the parties come to an agreement on what would be best for all of them.

Often times, arbitration is forced after looking at the contract that was signed for services. If you ever go to the doctor and read their contract, in the middle of the contract sometimes in fine print they will often have an arbitration clause. This clause says that you will not be able to sue them in court but instead the only remedy you can get is going to arbitration.

We fight hard for all Chula Vista cases

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you hire the experienced and aggressive team at Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego. Although there are many personal injury firms so choose from, you can have piece of mind knowing you hired the best firm in Chula Vista as well as San Diego County.

Call today to set up a free consultation with the one of our attorneys. Remember there is no retainer or fees required until we have won your case.