San Diego Boating Accident Lawyer

While being out on a boat should be a fun and relaxing activity for most people, it can also be a very dangerous one for others. Often times when people think about boating, they think of fun times with family and friends. However, boating can be a very dangerous activity, especially if the driver is distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Though most boat drivers are very responsible and cautious of their surroundings, others are inexperienced or reckless. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident due to the negligence of another individual, call and speak with an experienced boating attorney at Ozols Law Firm today. We provide a free consultation to every client to help assess your case and determine whether your case is right for a lawsuit.

You Should Recover From a Negligent Boater

We believe that the negligent boat driver should be held responsible for their actions. The victim and their family should never have to worry about how they will pay their medical bills or worry about missing work and their paychecks after receiving serious injuries. Our client’s well-being is our firms number one priority when we handle your personal injury lawsuit. We pride ourselves with our tremendous success in previous boating accident lawsuits and are confident we can help you as well. Between our knowledgeable attorneys and previous success, our team of experienced attorneys will endlessly fight or your behalf to win the settlement you deserve.

Attorneys with Experience in Boating Accident Claims

We understand just how detrimental being in a serious boating accident can be for an individual and their family. Whether you or a loved one has obtained serious injuries or even died due to another boater’s negligence, you may be entitled to a serious amount of money. However, if you do not hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case, you may not even recover a third of the money you are owed. Insurance companies often take advantage of boating accidents victims and try getting them to sign early settlement agreements to make sure they do not have time to speak with or hire an experienced attorney to handle their lawsuit. When you hire our firm, our years of experience as well as expertise in the field will allow us to negotiate the best settlement offer in your lawsuit.

Defective Boat Products

Another way that someone can file a lawsuit for a boating accident is when the boat itself has defective products. We rarely hear the stories of boats falling apart or exploding, but that does happen. The first thing we would want to do is assign a San Diego personal injury and auto accident lawyer to your case to figure out if there were any defective products involved. We often do research and look at any recalls in the area as well. This type of work is something that needs to be done to get the best possible result. Even if someone hits your boat, and it proves that your boat was not constructed in the best possible manner, that could mean that the manufacturer could be on the hook for damages as well. It is all too common that people do not even know that they could file a lawsuit in situations like that. At our firm, we are here to help. We provide legal advice to any and all that need it in San Diego.

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Whether you’re looking to hire an experienced boating accident attorney or just need a few questions answered, call our law firm today to begin your free legal advice on your situation. When you call, you do not need to worry about speaking with a secretary to set up the consultation, as one of our experienced attorneys will personally answer your call. In addition, if you find that our firm is the right fit for your accident, our attorneys will work for you on a contingency basis. This means that you do not have to worry about paying for our services until we have accepted a settlement offer on your case. You got it, we do not get paid until you do!