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Commercial trucks for example semi-trucks or ones that have over 18 wheels are large trucks and they can do a lot of damage. Most of the time when we encounter a truck accident there is a lot of damage and there are a lot of victims. Commercial drivers also often have more insurance and have a company that stand behind their work. Generally these drivers are required to have an additional lawyer of insurance liability mandated by federal law. Think for a second about all of the laws someone needs to follow when they start a new business. They need to make sure that their land is coded and regulated for that type of use and they also have to make sure that they have licenses and permits to do work in that area. It’s the same sort of thing when trucking is the actual business. They have more regulations than a regular driver because their actual business is driving that truck. One very common thing that comes up is that commercial drivers can only drive with a 0.04 blood alcohol level. That means that generally they cannot even have one full drink at a meal and continue driving. If they get into an accident at or above a .04 then they are responsible for that accident and they are going to be liable for any damages they created.

Brake Failures Causing Truck Accidents

If a truck has a break failure the property damage could be astronomical and even result in death. Some trucks are close to 100,000 pounds when fully loaded. When the breaks fail there can be several people that are responsible. For example:

The Driver’s Insurance Company: The driver of the vehicle will always be responsible when they are one of the reasons why an accident took place. They have personal insurance for situations like this and a higher lair of insurance that the federal government requires. Their insurance limits would play a part in the settlement.

The Owner’s Insurance Company: The owner of a company like this would often have insurance on their business for situations like this. That policy could play a factor in the settlement as well. The owner could have also been negligent with the vehicle. The owners are required to check these trucks often to make sure that everything is going well and that all the required safety requirements were met. If something had ever happened to that vehicle’s breaks in the past, then the owner would be on notice of this and therefore would be negligent if they did not fix the problem for the future.

The Break Manufacturer: If the break manufacturer created faulty breaks then they are responsible for damages that are created. Breaks need to meet federal testing standards before they are sent out to be purchased. If for some reason they did not meet all the standards or the testing was not done properly then the break company would be liable for the damages.

Tire Blow Outs Causing Truck Accidents

Sometimes you will be driving down the highway in San Diego and you will see rubber all over the road. Most of it is usually on the shoulder because it has already been cleaned up by law enforcement and other agencies responding to the accident. Some may wonder where this rubber came from. The answer is that it came from truck tires that have blown out and are now in pieces ready to be collected by a trash pick up crew.

Causes of a Truck Tire Blow Out

There are several different causes of a truck tire to blow out. From just being a faulty tire, to hitting a big piece of equipment, a lot of things can cause this to happen. It is scary to even think about everything that can go wrong while driving, and that is why people routinely take their cars in whenever there is an issue and always respond to warning lights on their dashboard. The most common causes are below:

Overinflated Tires: Overinflated tires can cause the wheel walls to burst. On overinflated tires the rubber is expanded to its limit with air inside. In certain occasions it can cause extreme wear in the tires and when hitting a bump in the road it can cause the tires to burst.

Overloaded Trucks: Trucks can weigh near 100,000 pounds when they are fully loaded. Sometimes even with 18 wheels on the truck, this is tough for the wheels to take. The large loads on these trucks can push them over their limits and cause the tires to explode under pressure.

Road Conditions: Road conditions are something that can cause a trucking accident because they can damage the truck and leave the driver unprepared. In San Diego we rarely have poor weather. However, when we do have poor weather that causes the roads to get wet, then expand, then crack. Just a couple storms within a month can really damage road surfaces that are not used to it.

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At Ozols Law Firm we have experience dealing with truck accidents where there are multiple victims. When we first get contacted about a case we explain to the potential client that we offer free consultations. We also explain that we do not make any money on the case until they collect. There is rarely ever any money that is put down as a retainer unless it is a very rare special circumstance. If you have had a traffic accident case we would be pleased to consult with you about it and we are here to help. Please give us a call for more information.