Cracking Sidewall Leads to Primewell Tire Recall

Drivers and car owners have the right to expect that their tires should at least hold in the air that they pump in. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In the case of certain Primewell tires, the problem lies with the sidewalls which can crack and as a result lose air. This problem has led to the recall of almost 400,000 Primewell tires in the US.

The recall involves some types of the Valera Touring II replacement passenger car tires. These tires are sold at Firestone stores, and they’re distributed by Giti Tire USA based in California. If your tire cracks you could be in a serious accident. At this point we recommend calling a San Diego car accident lawyer for more information about your lawsuit.

Details of the Recall

According to the documents submitted to the NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), after using these tires for several months a crack can then appear in the lower sidewall. It’s not an easy crack to find, because usually it occurs on the opposite side of the tire’s serial number.

The specific tires involved in the recall were made by an Indonesian company, with production dates ranging from April 1 of 2015 to December 31 of 2016. This company eventually discovered the problem, and they’ve inspected 219 cracked tires so far.

While it was possible that the cracks could have led to air loss, there were no reports of such loss of air pressure in cracked tires. Also, there has yet been no report of any accident, property, damage, or injury claims as a result of the cracks.

Nonetheless, these particular models of tires are all being recalled as a safety measure. Owners of cars with these tires will be notified, and their tires will be replaced free of charge. Additional information is available by calling 866-488-4737.

The Potential Danger of a Car Accident

It is fortunate that the crack has not yet caused a sudden air leak. Such an occurrence while driving can be dangerous, as it can lead to a blowout and a serious car crash. It’s difficult for even an experienced driver tom maintain safe control over the car when a sudden blowout occurs, and it can be challenging to actually succeed in coming to a safe stop by the side of the road.

Most of the time, such blowouts can lead to sudden loss of control. It can result in rollover incidents and other similarly serious car crashes that can lead to fatal or debilitating injuries.

It’s why you must always be aware of any recalls that can involve any component of your vehicle. However, if you are hurt because of an accident cause by a defective car component, your best legal option is to contact a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. This lawyer can oversee your case and determine whether you can receive just compensation for your injuries. The compensation you get can help cover the hospitalization expenses not covered by your insurance, and can also compensate for any lost income. A file may be filed against the manufacturer or distributor, and your lawyer can gather the evidence you need to present your case.