US Navy Bans Ecigs after Reports of Explosions and Injuries to Sailors

The US Navy has now banned the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers throughout its fleet. This ban has been issued after the Navy received numerous reports of various types of ecig-related accidents including explosions, damage to Navy property, and injuries to sailors.

The ban covers the possession and use of electronic cigarettes and other similar devices such as vaporizers. These devices can no longer be brought aboard any type of naval craft or equipment. The ban applies to all the sailors as well as to the Marines working in Navy bases, civilian workers in the Military Sealift Command, and other personnel who are visiting or working in Navy units.
On shore, the use of ecigs will only be allowed for sailors in designated areas. The ban will be in effect until the Navy can make a final conclusion about the safety of these devices.

What are Ecigs?

Electronic cigarettes are devices that use a battery, and it allows users to consume nicotine in vapor form. That’s why the use of this device is called vaping. Ecigs have been promoted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, as it doesn’t contain the carcinogenic substances that make cigarettes among the most dangerous consumer products known to man.

The main problem with these devices is that they use lithium-ion batteries as the power source. The news reports are full of stories regarding exploding lithium-ion batteries in devices such as smartphones. Similar reports have been made regarding exploding ecigs as well.

In many cases, the explosions occurred while the devise were being charged. However, various reports also maintained that explosions can occur at other times, such as when they’re stored away or when they’re in use.

The injuries that these ecig explosions can cause can be severe, especially when the explosion happens when the user is inhaling from the device. Injuries to the face and mouth are quite common. Other injuries include burns, lacerations, and even severe disfigurement.

What to Do in Case of Ecig Explosion

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your ecig has a good safety reputation when it comes to quality control. Still, accidents can happen at any time even when using reputable brands.
If you suffer from an ecig explosion, your first priority is to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. You need immediate treatment so your injuries won’t get worse.

And if possible, preserve the remnants of the exploding device so that a proper examination of it can be made. Our law firm has experienced product defect attorneys who have handled cases like this and we can help compile evidence that can identify the negligent parties and help in a civil suit.

Negligent parties can be the manufacturer, as well as the distributor and the retailer who sold you the defective device. With our help, you may be able to receive a fair settlement or damages that can pay for your costly medical expenses.