Uber Faces Million Dollar Fine for Ignoring Complaints about Drunk Drivers

Uber’s popularity has risen dramatically, connecting freelance cabbies and vehicle owners with customers by using the Uber app. This service is available in 440 cities across the 6 continents. But it’s not without its share of controversies, including allegedly ignoring complaints about its drunk drivers, and for this, the company is facing an estimated $1.13 million in fines.

The Allegations of Injury

According to published reports, the Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division in California has investigated 154 complaints against Uber’s drunk driver accidents, and that in 151 of those cases the company has violated the rules in dealing with said complaints. The California Public Utilities Commission that oversees the rideshare industry has also come out on record that it is enforcing its zero-tolerance rules against drunk driving.

The California PUC discovered that of the 154 complaints, Uber could only provide evidence that it attempted to contact the driver in 50 of the cases. In 21 of these complaints, Uber only conducted something that can be characterized as a semblance of an investigation.

Uber has responded to this investigation by stating that it has now reformed its procedures when dealing with this type of complaint. The Uber guidelines now strictly forbid its drivers from operating while under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

Safety Tips

Uber and other similar services became popular because the service was convenient, more affordable, and drivers could be rated. The popularity of the service has even prompted an alarmed response from regular cabbies.

However, there have been some concerns regarding the safety of the passengers in Uber vehicles. Aside from the danger of drunk drivers, other safety issues include the possibility of robberies and sexual assault.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your safety if you’re riding in an Uber car or a similar vehicle:

  • Don’t get in the car if you suspect that the driver is under the influence. You may smell the alcohol, notice bloodshot eyes, or hear some slurred speech.
  • Make sure that you verify the identity of the driver and the license plate of the car before you get in. The app provides all the pertinent information regarding the identity of the car and driver.
  • You should check the driver’s rating too. If you read about any complaints regarding the driver’s behavior or driving, it’s better to play it safe and not get in.

Legal Options for Rideshare Passengers

Uber now has several competitors in the rideshare industry, so as a passenger you now have many options. However, it is possible that you can get injured when you’re a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. If this happens, you can consult with our specialist rideshare accident lawyers who can oversee your case and determine your legal options. It is possible that any negligent parties that may have contributed to the car accident can be made to pay damages or a settlement so that you can get help in paying for your exorbitant medical fees as you recover from your injuries.

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