Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego Giving Back to the Community

At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego we have decided to start a little promotion to give back to the community. Over the past couple years we have had some amazing results for our clients. These are often cases where someone is injured because of the negligence of someone else, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and have no way of paying those bills. We do everything we can to stand up to the corporations and get those bills paid and make sure our client is made whole again.

Our promotion is super simple, spot the car, win the money. All our viewers have to do it take a picture of the car, post it on their Instagram with the mention “@alex_ozols” and the name “Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego”. Then we ask the winner send us a message just to make sure we saw it. We will then send over a $25 Visa gift card and some sort of firm merchandise which will likely be a T-shirt.

The only real exceptions or restrictions to this promotion are as follows:

  • These pictures have to be an original picture taken by the person submitting them. We want people to be actively engaged in this process and not using pictures from others.
  • One per customer. This is important because we want more and more people to be able to be involved in this promotional give away.
  • We cannot have rude or obscene language. We love the community in San Diego and we want this to be a positive experience for everyone.
  • We have the right to end the promotion at any time. At some point this promotion will end, and we will make it known by a comment on Instagram.
  • We have a right to refuse any winner. If we believe someone has a fake profile or is doing something we do not believe is right, we have the right to refuse their submission.

We look forward to meeting and interacting with everyone who is a part of this promotion. In the end we are glad we get to continue to get our name out there and give something back to the great community of San Diego. If anyone who sees our promotion ever needs legal advice on a personal injury matter, we have lawyers standing by to answer your calls. We look forward to chatting with you in the future.