Faulty Parking Brakes Led to Mazda Vehicle Recall

Mazda has issued a recall involving an estimated 307,000 cars the company has sold in the US and around the world. The recall is the result of a finding that the parking brakes in these Mazda vehicles were defective. It was found that these parking brakes could fail to hold the car when parked, and it may not even fully release when driven. Both failures can result in a serious car accident.

Affected Vehicles of Mazda Recall

This recall involves the Mazda 3 models from 2014 to 2016, as well as the Mazda 6 models from 2014 to 2105. According to Mazda, they first had an inkling of the problem when they received a report regarding the parking brakes back in April of 2015. Because it was a single incident report, Mazda decided to simply monitor the situation first.

However, Mazda received 13 additional reports on similar problems by February of 2017. These new reports covered both the Mazda 3 and the Mazda 6 models. Further investigation revealed that the parking brake failure was due to the failure of the sealing boot to keep water away from the brake caliper.

The recall begins this August of 2017. According to Mazda officials, dealers will check all the affected models for their rear brakes. If the brake calipers are corroded, then these calipers and the sealing boot will be replaced. If the calipers are still in good condition, then the sealing boot will still be replaced so that it can be ensured that water will be kept out of the brake calipers.

Potential Hazards from the Recall

Investigations are underway to find out if this defect had any involvement in several recent Mazda car crashes. One Mazda vehicle was reported to suffer bumper damage in the UK. Another one, a Mazda 6, suddenly rolled off which then caused a collision. The latest reports did not mention if these incidents involved any injuries. Another hazard could just be clearly a car accident that is created from this. Every case accident case we are getting right now in our car accident division, we are looking into whether or not this recall could be a part of the case.

The truth of the matter is that this type of defect can result in rollaway accidents, which can then result in serious injuries and perhaps even fatalities. It is this simple truth that requires you to have your parking brake inspected and replaced if it is part of the Mazda recall.

Legal Options

If you are in any way injured or involved in a rollaway accident, it’s crucial that the suspect vehicle is preserved so that it can be inspected for faulty parking brakes. It’s also important that you contact an auto defect attorney right away. An experienced lawyer who specializes in auto defect cases can make sure to examine your case and ensure that all relevant pieces of evidence are preserved.

You may be able to receive compensation for any injuries you may have suffered, which will pay for your hospital bills and compensate for lost income. Your auto defect lawyer can file a civil suit against the parties that should be held liable for the accident and for your injuries.

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