Listeria Concerns Lead to Recall of Aunt Jemima Frozen Foods

Pinnacle Foods, the owner of the famous Aunt Jemima brand has issued a statement regarding its voluntary recall of certain frozen products. The recall involves waffles, frozen pancakes, and French toast products, as concerns about food poisoning and listeria have been raised. The recall does not involve the Aunt Jemima syrups and dry mixes.

The voluntary recall was issued after tests conducted on the affected products revealed the presence of Listeria bacteria in the plant environment used in the manufacture of the affected products. Pinnacle Foods has also confirmed that they are working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration in monitoring the situation. No report of any food poisoning cases has yet surfaced as a result of these products.

People who have bought the Aunt Jemima waffles, frozen pancakes, and French toast products can return the products where they bought it and they will get a complete refund. In these types of cases it is important to call a food poisoning lawyer in San Diego immediately .

What’s So Dangerous about Listeria?

Listeria or listeriosis is a serious food-borne illness that you can get when you eat food contaminated with the Listeria bacterium (Listeria monocytogenes). According to the CDC, about 1,600 cases listeria are reported in the US every year, and of those about 260 people die every year. The illness is more likely to strike people with weakened immune systems, older adults past 65 years old, and pregnant women and their newborn children.

The symptoms of listeria include muscle aches and fever, along with more common food poisoning symptoms like diarrhea and nausea. The symptoms may take a while to show. Some people may begin showing symptoms after a few days of eating the contaminated food, while others may show the first signs of infection after as many as 30 days have passed.

If left untreated, the infection can reach the nervous system which can then lead to symptoms such as a stiff neck and a loss of balance. This can also cause confusion and deterioration in alertness, and convulsions may even occur.

What to Do in Case of Listeria

If you suffer from listeria, the first thing you need to do is to separate the leftover food so that no one else in your household will inadvertently consume it. And get medical assistance so that your illness can be treated properly and that its progress is checked.

We also encourage you to consult with our food poisoning lawyers who can explain to you your legal options. The leftover food should be tested at an independent lab to confirm the presence of any pathogens. Your illness should also be reported to the local health care agency that tracks foodborne diseases. Food poisoning attorneys in San Diego can help if you ever have an issue with this.

If you have listeria, your doctors can get you the medical treatment you need while our food positioning lawyers can represent you in a civil suit against the negligent parties. We can get a settlement or damages on your behalf which should pay for your medical expenses, lost income, as well as pain and suffering.