Ex-Mayor of San Diego and Wife Sue over Sidewalk Fall

Former San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock and his wife Cynthia have filed a suit against the city of San Diego over the a fall suffered by the latter in 2015. According to the suit, Cynthia Hedgecock fell because of a damaged sidewalk. The fall allegedly caused her silicone breast implants to rupture and required replacement surgery.

The suit alleges that the city was negligent and careless, because the sidewalk was not repaired in a timely manner. A tree had caused part of the public sidewalk to rise by 2.5 inches, and this uneven walking surface is the alleged cause of Mrs. Hedgecock’s fall and subsequent medical treatments.

According to the suit, Mrs. Hedgecock went to a medical clinic 2 weeks later complaining of persistent chest pain as well as breast deformities. The couple then learned that both the silicone implants have ruptured, and that the silicone had leaked into her bloodstream.

Both implants were removed, and she required weeks to recover. During this time, she had to use sleeping aides and pain medications to cope, and she also needed the constant assistance of her husband.

Former mayor Roger Hedgecock is also named as a co-plaintiff in the suit. The suit alleges that he suffered the loss of support and affection from his wife. He had to stay home and help his wife, and this has led to his own loss of income. They may have already hired a slip and fall lawyer in San Diego to help with their lawsuit.

The Reason for the lawsuit

It’s not the first time that a suit has been filed against the city of San Diego for its purported laxness in fixing damaged sidewalks. In 3 other similar cases, the city has settled with amounts ranging from $75,000 to $235,000. However, the most notable case was the one involving an injured cyclist. The case resulted in a settlement worth $4.85 million.

Some city officials have suggested that changes should be made regarding the city policy on damaged sidewalks. The current policy in San Diego is that the city will only fix a sidewalk if it has been damaged by changes in the grade, heat expansion, or utility work.

In almost all of the other cases, the responsibility for the sidewalk repairs falls to the adjacent property owners. However, many property owners fail to make timely repairs because of the expense and complexity of hiring a contractor and obtaining a legal permit to repair.

What to Do in Case of Sidewalk Trips and Falls

If you trip and fall on a public sidewalk, you can do more than just simply endure the problem. In a case like this it is imperative to call a San Diego slip and fall lawyer to help with your case. This is especially true if you are seriously hurt and require expensive medical treatment. We can assess your case and determine who the negligent parties are. The settlement will obtain on your behalf can help compensate for your medical bills and lost income.

With our experienced premise liability lawyers, trip and fall incidents can be investigated more fully. The accident doesn’t have to occur in a commercial area. Even if the accident occurred in public sidewalks, a suit can still be filed against negligent parties.

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