Lawsuit Claims All Apple Watches Contain Major Defect

An Apple Watch is a trendy gadget, yet not everyone is enamored with it. In fact, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple due to the Apple Watch design. The suit contends that every Apple Watch unit has a major defect.

News of the lawsuit has broken over various news media, including According to the reports, the suit alleges that the inherent defect on the Apple watches is its faulty screens that are seemingly designed to shatter, crack, or detach from the body of the watch for no apparent reason. The suit alleges that the damage to the screen would occur very frequently, and sometimes the damage will happen in only a short time after the purchase.

For this apparent case of planned obsolescence, the lawsuit filed by a resident of Colorado seeks damages of up to $5 million. The suit also requests that Apple acknowledge the inherent defect of their Apple Watch screen. As the suit was filed also in behalf of other consumers, it may be considered a class action suit.

Details of the lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, the problem existed from the very beginning when the product was launched in 2015. The suit offers photographic evidence including pictures in which the screens of the watches have indeed detached from the watch body.

The screens are not the only defective components of the Apple Watches, the suit contends. Allegedly, the batteries can swell in the Series 0 models, so that in some conditions the swelling can cause the back cover to detach. Batteries are also a problem with the Series 2 models, while the screens are the main problem with the Series 3 models.

The suit alleges that the tech company has violated business laws and warranties. Apple has so far refused to acknowledge any defect in the screen of the Apple Watch. It has not offered any comments on the case either.

The Future of the Case

So far, experts say that it is difficult to predict how this case will unfold. The more likely scenario is that the suit will indeed become a class action suit if the inherent defect does exist. The media attention on the case guarantees that more Apple consumers will be aware of the screen defect allegations. The number of customers who join in the suit can help indicate just how widespread the defect really is, if it does exist. If you are ever injured by a screen and you think it could have been defective a personal injury lawyer in San Diego may be able to help.

The courts may decide on the future of the case, or both sides may come to an agreement on how the matter will be resolved. In any case, it illustrates the power of class action suits to hold even powerful corporations accountable for their products. No longer can manufacturers blithely produce and sell consumer items that are not as durable or safe as they ought to be. Class action suits such as these can help consumers get a refund for defective products, and the resulting negative publicity can help discourage all manufacturers from doing the same thing.