Craftsman Table Saws Sold By Sears Recalled for Injury Risks

According to USA Today, a 10-inch Craftsman table saw (model number 137.415030) sold exclusively by Sears has been recalled for being an injury hazard. The portable saw comes with a foldable black metal stand which has the tendency to collapse unpredictably, posing an impact injury hazard to the user. About 46,000 of these units have been recalled.

The company has received close to a dozen reports of the portable table saw collapsing, 9 of which involved injuries to the hands and fingers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said such injuries included shoulder and fingernail amputation, lacerations and broken bones. The product was manufactured by Taiwan’s Rexon Industrial Corporation. Those who own these saws need to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement stand free of charge.

Table Saw Accident Statistics

Every year, over 65,000 individuals are injured in table saw accidents in the United States alone. Based on estimates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), businesses shell out more than $130,000 for single amputations, notwithstanding ER visits, rehabilitation, surgery, and the pain that workers suffer as a result of the accident.

Table saw accidents often result in amputations and lacerations, and the yearly medical cost for treating said injuries has been pegged at over $2.1 billion.

Table Saw Personal Injury Lawsuits

Sadly, not much has changed over the last 5 decades in terms of making table saws safer for users. This may be because people would have to pay more if safety features are added to the product. Lawmakers in the state of California tried to pass legislation back in 2012 requiring manufacturers to equip table saws sold after January 1, 2015 with a flesh-sensing safety technology. Unfortunately the bill did not get approved by the state senate.

If you are looking for free legal advice in San Diego County we are here to help. If you or a loved one was injured while using a table saw due to a product defect, design flaw or a malfunction, you could seek compensation for your injuries. You can lodge a product liability lawsuit against the maker of the table saw and receive compensation for damages including your medical expenses, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, lost income, emotional distress, and for the pain and suffering you have experienced. Talk to an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.