Civita Park San Diego – Injuries, Accidents and Unsafe Conditions

There is a new amazing park in the City of San Diego. However part of the problem is we question whether or not the City of San Diego consulted with their risk assessment office on some of these structures. This park is frequented by people off all ages from young children to older adults. At the bottom of the park it contains large rocks that people can climb on. In the middle of the park there is a large playground with a lot of equipment. There are different structures throughout the park including bulldozers and tractors. So far there have been some small injuries to our knowledge but only time will tell the type of injuries that may come out of this park.

Premises Liability and Dangerous Conditions at Civita Park

When someone creates a dangerous condition on their property and they know that condition could be used by the general public, including children, they are responsible for any injuries that come out of that dangerous condition. At Civita park we do believe there may be some dangerous conditions created by the city at the front bottom of the park by where cars can park. There are several statutes and rock structures that a young child could walk on and could easily get injured. There are also no warnings in the area. In the back of Civita park there is a huge rock structure by the stairs with no security ever in the area. We have had reports that there have been people climbing up the rocks at night and when security for the housing community is called their response time is very flawed or non-existent.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in Civita park, please give us a call for a free consultation. Please note, due to the amount of litigation that goes into cases against the City of San Diego, we can only take serious injuries including but not limited to: broken bones, serious tearing or a head injury.