Fuel Leaks Lead to Lexus Recall

Not even expensive automotive luxury brands are immune to manufacturing defects, and this fact is once more proven by the latest recall of a luxury car. An AP news article reported the recall of 121,000 Lexus vehicles around the world. Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota.

Models Involved in the Lexus Recall

The news report claims that the recall was caused by fuel leaks in the engine, which can then lead to dangerous fires. The recall involves several IS350 cars from 2006 to 2013, along with IS350C cars from 2010 to 2014. Other models included in the recall are the GS350 and the GS450H from 2007 to 2011.

Owners of any Lexus cars are advised to visit the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The vehicle identification number of the Lexus car will be required to confirm its inclusion in the recall.

The Cause of the Lexus Recall

All of these cars have the same 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine. According to a statement released by Toyota, the engine’s fuel injection system uses a diaphragm material that can harden and then crack over time. If it does crack, the fuel can leak and its proximity to an ignition source substantially increases the likelihood of a fire.

Toyota has so far not yet revealed whether fuel leaks have resulted in any automobile fires, car crashes, or injuries. The recall will start in August of 2018, and the dealers will remove the possible defective fuel delivery pipe. It will be replaced with a new pipe that comes with a better material than the current diaphragm material.

Just How Dangerous Is This Defect?

There are numerous motor safety laws that help make sure that auto safety standards are maintained for public safety. These laws cover the design, construction, and performance of all motor vehicles to make sure that they don’t pose an “unreasonable risk of accident”. Any design or performance aspect that can pose a risk to automotive safety is classified as a defect and can lead to an automotive recall. If someone was injured they would immediately call a personal injury lawyer which could be terrible for Lexus.

Recalls can be the result of any number of reasons, but this specific defect in the Lexus models is particularly hazardous. The risk of a fire in an automobile is a danger that cannot be underestimated. Some industry experts have wondered by Toyota has declined to provide information regarding any fires and accidents that have already occurred due to this particular defect.

Recall causing accidents or injuries

As an owner of a Lexus vehicle, it is part of your responsibility to confirm whether or not the Lexus you own is part of the recall. The increased risk of automotive fire is a significant one that cannot be ignored.

However, if you have already been injured in a car accident that involved a Lexus vehicle, you may want to check if that particular car was part of the recall. You may also want to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you claim damages to cover your injuries.