New Tech Enhances Tracking of Owners of Recalled Vehicles

When there’s a problem with a car, the manufacturer may issue a recall notice so that vehicle owners can take their car to a dealership to have the issue fixed. But this method may not always work. It’s very possible that the owner of the car may lose contact with the dealership especially in cases where the original owner of the car sells it to another buyer. Dealers simply don’t know how to contact the new owners. Fortunately, there’s a company named Recall Masters.

New Company Shows Defective Products

This is a new company that was founded by programmer Chris Miller. One of its services is to track owners of recalled vehicles. It’s a comparative small company that employs just 20 people. But it provides a huge service because recall notices may be about fixes for current car problems that may end up saving lives.

To identify the owners of the recalled vehicles, Recall Masters gathers information from at least 50 distinct sources. This can result in an unwieldy collection of data, but the company goes through it all with a new technology called Machine Learning. This is a form of AI (artificial intelligence) that doesn’t need any explicit programming instructions because with this feature the computers now have the ability to learn by itself.

With machine learning, a computer program can adapt with the infusion of new data, even on a massive scale. This feature enables the company’s computers to analyze billions of transactions in a process that Miller dubs “digital forensics”. By analyzing all that information quickly and coherently, the data can be sent to the dealerships who can then contact the proper owners of the recalled vehicles.

So far, Recall Masters has tracked up to 63 million recalls. However, a vehicle owner should also take charge of their own safety by finding out if there’s a recall on their car. They only need to enter their VIN to see the recall status of their vehicle.

Types of Safety Recalls that could lead to a lawsuit

While it’s certainly possible for recalls to involve certain fixes regarding issues like emissions (this is the main issue of the VW recalls involving the scandalous emission software), for the most part the most important recalls involve safety.

Recalls may involve exploding airbags that may cause permanent deformities. Sometimes it may have something to do with a leak in the car that can lead to fires. A door may open or the steering wheel may stop working when the car is moving. If you have a car accident and a recalled product could be connected to the injury, you should call a San Diego personal injury lawyer for assistance.

With a car recall, you can find out what’s wrong with your vehicle and have it fixed as soon as possible. This can help prevent any accidents that may result in major injuries and auto defect lawsuits. While such lawsuits may result in monetary damages, saving lives is more important.