Are Millennials the Most Dangerous Drivers?

But according to a recent study, a millennial who is now between 19 and 24 years old is the most dangerous age group for drivers. Their youth makes them more susceptible to irresponsible behavior, and they’re also more likely to be distracted by mobile tech devices while driving.

Findings for Car Accident Study

The study involved more than 2,500 licensed drivers who were at least 16 years old. The researchers from AAA Foundation gave them questions to answer, and their replies can give you a glimpse of potential dangers.

  • 88% of the surveyed drivers admitted to texting while driving, running a red light, or going past the speed limit in the last 30 days.
  • 1% of the drivers in the 19-24 age bracket reported that read a text while driving. For all drivers, it was just 40.2%.
  • 3% of the millennials typed or sent a text message while driving. For all drivers, the percentage was just 31.4%.
  • Millennials were 40% more likely to drive 10 mph over the speed limit in a residential neighborhood.
  • Among these millennials, 12% also feel that it acceptable to drive 10 mph over the speed limit in a school zone. For all drivers, less than 5% have the same attitude.
  • Almost 50% of millennials have admitted to driving through a red light even when they could have actually stopped safely. For all drivers, this was just 36%.
  • Almost 14% of the millennials actually believe that driving through a light that has just turned red is an acceptable practice. In contrast, it’s just 6% for all drivers.

Taken as a whole, the survey portrays a rather alarming picture of how irresponsible some millennials can be behind the wheel.

Dangerous Distractions Causing Car Accidents

In 2015, traffic deaths in the US numbered 35,092 and this 7% increase in the number of fatalities compared to 2014 figures represented the highest jump in nearly 5 decades. In 2016, the National Safety Council disclosed that the US traffic fatalities jumped to 40,200 deaths.

Many of these fatalities were caused by distracted driving. Distractions for drivers can be visual, and so they may be looking at something else besides the road. It may be manual, so that their hands aren’t where they are supposed to be for safe driving. The distraction can also be cognitive, which means their minds are elsewhere.

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Experts believe that mobile device activity, such as texting, are among the main reasons for the recent increases in traffic deaths. They pose a special threat because they involve all the types of distractions. They’re reading texts instead of keeping their eyes on the road, their hands are operating the smartphone instead of the steering wheel, and their minds are on the texts they’re reading or sending.

These activities can lead to accidents on the road. Victims of such accidents may consult an experienced personal injury lawyer who will help ensure that distracted drivers are made liable for damages they caused to you or your loved one.

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