Metal Shards Contaminate 220,000 Pounds of Spam

Spam may seem among the safest food items to consume, but even these products may not be as innocuous as they seem. A Time Magazine news report has revealed that more than 228,600 pounds of the ubiquitous canned meat product has been recalled. The reason for the recall is contamination by metal pieces.

Spam manufacturer Hormel Food Corporation announced the recall, as a result of receiving 4 separate complaints from consumers regarding how they found metal shards in the canned goods. The batch of canned spam products that may have been contaminated were produced from February 8 – 10 ,2018 and they were distributed nationwide.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the possibility still exists that a number of these contaminated canned goods may still be in our kitchen cabinets. Already, a number of oral injuries resulting from these metal pieces in the spam have been reported, although the severity of the wounds was considered minor.

Nonetheless, the USDA recommends that those who purchased such canned goods should either return them to where they bought the goods or to simply just throw them away. Consumers who are concerned about having been injured by the contaminated goods should see their healthcare provider. Anyone who has questions regarding the dangers posed by the contaminated spam should also contact the Hormel Food Corporation at (800) 523-4635.

The Likelihood of Metal Pieces Contamination in Canned Goods

Industry experts have voiced their opinion on the matter, and they state that such an occurrence is altogether unsurprising. The vast majority of food processing is done through machines, and these machines contain metal parts. It is not impossible for some of the machinery pieces to break off in the food processing plant, and they can land on the food products that go into the cans.

This poses a very serious risk for every consumer who purchases canned goods. In the case of SPAM, the victims suffered only minor injuries to their mouth and teeth. The potential injuries could have been more severe had the metal pieces been ingested. The possible internal injuries resulting from such an occurrence could have even been fatal.

Preventive Measures

Several food manufacturing companies have already taken steps to avoid any such disaster from ever occurring. Some of these companies have utilized advanced ultrasound equipment and sophisticated nuclear magnetic resonance methods to detect any foreign metal objects in the food products. Other companies have also adjusted their food processing procedures to reduce the number of metal parts that move against each other, as this can minimize the risk of metal parts breaking down.

Consumers do not have as many options as to preventive measures they can use to avoid such dangers, aside from inspecting the food inside the cans more closely. These types of cases generally fall under food poisoning cases. If you do suffer any injuries as a result of a similar occurrence, you have the option of filing a personal injury suit to seek redress for your experience. You may be compensated for your pain and suffering, for all your medical expenses, and for your lost wages. If you have gone through such an experience, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can guide you through all your legal options.