LA Police Puts Down 3 Vicious Pit Bulls

On May 10, 2017, Los Angeles police officers responded to reports of a pit bull attack by shooting down 3 vicious pit bulls who brutally attacked a man in downtown LA. The police say that 2 of the dogs died immediately, though the 3rd one survived the gunshot. Unfortunately this type of situation happens all the time and there are dogs out there that bite. If you have been injured by a dog call one of our San Diego dog bite attorneys for more information.

According to the police investigation, a man in his 50s was walking his dog in the area, when they were cornered by 3 pit bulls that were apparently loose in the neighborhood. The police received the call about the attack and responded immediately. At their arrival, they found the 3 large pit bulls attacking the man. His dog was already killed by the brutal attack.

The police officers fired upon the dogs in order to protect the life of the man they were attacking. The man suffered multiple bite wounds all over his body. He was taken to a hospital, and the latest reports indicate that his condition was stabilized.

According to a neighbor in the area, the owner of the pit bulls regularly let the dogs roam freely in the neighborhood. They were often out without a leash, and the neighbor said that such an attack was bound to happen.

Are Pit Bulls Truly Dangerous?

Pit bulls have been the center of an ongoing debate regarding the innate dangers of certain specific dog breeds. The pit bull statistics have been especially noteworthy. The breed comprises just 6% of the total dog population, while they’ve been the cause of the majority of dog attacks and dog-related deaths.

Pit bulls have been responsible for 52% of the deaths, and they’ve been involved in 68% of dog attacks. One report estimated that 2 people are injured by a pit bull every day, and a pit bull kills a person every 2 weeks.

Opponents of the breed contend that it is inherently dangerous because of how it was bred. The problem is in their DNA. On the other hand, supporters of the breed contend that there’s no such thing as a dangerous dog breed, and that any breed can be aggressive when their owners are irresponsible.

What Can You Do if Injured?

If you have been attacked by a dog, you must call for emergency medical attention as soon as possible. A call to the police is also warranted, because the dog must be isolated so that it doesn’t hurt any more people.

We also encourage you to get in touch with one of our dog bite lawyers. In many states including California, dog owners are liable for any injuries and damages that their dogs may cause.

It doesn’t matter if the dog owners didn’t know that the dog breed was dangerous or that the dog was very friendly before the attack. The breed also does not matter. If you were attacked by a dog, our lawyers can make sure that its owners own up to their financial liability.