Does Going the Wrong Way on the Freeway Lead to Wrongful Deaths?

Just recently on March 12, 2017, a Mini Cooper went the wrong way when it entered the freeway in Commerce early in the morning. According to a statement by Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez of the California Highway Patrol, the vehicle entered the freeway near Slauson Avenue, and it was traveling at a slow speed in the slow lane.

The California Highway Patrol had already received reports of the wrong way entry and they were already on their way to the location when they received subsequent reports of an accident. It seemed that the Mini Cooper had collided head on with a van in the freeway.

Fatalities Due to Car Accidents

The accident resulted in 3 deaths, which included the male driver of the Mini Cooper, the female driver of the van, and the male passenger in the van. All three were pronounced dead on the scene. The collision was strong enough to overturn both vehicles.

ABC News reported that the male victims were Quanlinh Phillips, 53 years old and from Santa Ana, and John Perez, 29 years old and from Downey. The police did not release any information as to which of the men were driving the Mini Cooper, nor did they release any information about the female victim.

Is There a Case of Wrongful Death?

That still remains to be seen, as so far the police investigation is still ongoing. However, there is a possibility that there may be enough grounds for the surviving relatives of the victims in the van to file a wrongful death suit against the estate of the driver of the Mini Cooper which entered the freeway the wrong way. The case may be filed because the driver made a serious driving error in going the wrong way in a freeway. Driving in the freeway normally requires fast speeds, so there’s a reasonable expectation of serious accidents that may occur because of the mistake. However, it depends greatly upon the results of the police investigation, so that the wrong way mistake can be confirmed. Then a suit may be filed, the case may be settled between the parties, or a trial may be held with the jury determining which part was at fault. Wrongful Death Lawyers in San Diego can always look into your case and see if there is something that can be done.

Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego Can Help

The jury may also decide the percentage of the fault, so that if they decide on $500,000 in gross damages and they find that the Mini Cooper driver was 80% at fault, the verdict will then be reduced to $400,000. If you have been hit by a car, a car accident lawyer in San Diego may be able to help your case.  It also depends greatly on the expertise and experience of the lawyer. If a suit of wrongful death will be filed, its chances of resulting in a settlement or monetary compensation depends on how the lawyer handles the case.