Gas Station Nacho Cheese Causes Botulism Fatality

The Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station sells nachos and nacho cheese to customers, but unfortunately it didn’t prove all that convenient for some unlucky patrons. In fact, the nacho cheese proved to be deadly, as it killed one customer and sent 10 others to the hospital. If you are ever in this situation make sure to call trusted food poisoning attorneys in San Diego to help with your case.

What Happened?

It was later found that the cheese was contaminated causing some consumers to suffer from botulism. Martin Galindo, a 37-year old resident of Antioch contracted botulism after consuming the nacho cheese from the gas station. He was whisked off into a hospital in San Francisco, where he died after falling into a coma. Galindo was taken off life support after medical authorities declared him brain dead.

Lavinia Kelly, 33 years old, was also another victim who incurred serious injuries after buying a bag of nacho chips and nacho cheese sauce at that particular gas station. According to her lawyer, she became ill the same day she ate the nacho cheese. She was sent to the hospital and was discharged by the doctors at first. But it didn’t take long before she felt worse than ever and she had to be sent back to the hospital emergency room. She became paralyzed, and she needed a ventilator in order to breathe.

Kelly is just one of 10 customers who fell ill after consuming the nacho cheese from the gas station. Authorities have stopped the gas station from selling any more prepared food as the situation continues to be investigated and monitored. These authorities have issued a warning to people who may have purchased nacho cheese from the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station from April 23 to May 5 of 2017.

If you are one of these people, you need to contact your medical provider if you experience any of the symptoms of food poisoning. You should also contact our legal team, which is very experienced in food poisoning cases. You don’t just need medical attention. You also need our legal representation so that you can get the justice and compensation you need to pay for the medical services you’ll need.

Does this happen often?

Botulism is a serious kind of food poisoning caused by bacterial infection. It’s not all that rare to find this particular type of bacteria in canned cheese sauce, since it grows mainly in food that hasn’t been properly preserved or canned.

This bacteria is seriously toxic. It can start first with dry mouth and double vision, and then your speech becomes slurred. Your muscles will then become significantly weaker and eventually you can end up paralyzed. The paralysis can be fatal because it can cause breathing difficulties.

Get the Help You Need

If you suffer from food poisoning after eating commercial food products, you must seek medical assistance as quickly as possible. Botulism is highly treatable but treatment must be given fast.

Victims of food poisoning can talk to one of our experienced lawyers. We will make sure that you get the justice and compensation you need if your case merits the filing of a food poisoning civil suit.