Dash Cams and Car Accident Lawsuits

Oftentimes, some details of a vehicular accident may get overlooked or people may have different interpretations of the incident. Sometimes people leave out information intentionally or even tell a lie. To help uncover the truth, you need a dash cam.

What are Dash Cams?

Dash cams are small video cameras, and they’re usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle. This device records what happens in front of the car when you’re driving. More advanced models can even face the rear of the vehicle and make video and audio records of what happens inside the car or outside the rear windshield. There are even dash cams that can stream live video on the Internet. More people are buying these gadgets than ever before. Like widescreen TVs, smartphones, and PCs, they’ve become more common due to their falling prices and the benefits they offer. They’re usually legal to use for gathering evidence concerning a car crash.

How Can They Help Solve Car Accidents?

If you’re not at fault, a dash cam is a helpful accessory. Like seatbelts, they’re mostly useful only in case of a crash. But it’s better to have one and not need it, than not to have one when you do. During a car crash, it can provide evidence of what actually transpired, without the careful editing that may apply to some witness statements. Police can therefore find out what really happened with greater accuracy, and they may wrap up their investigations more quickly. What’s more, many insurance companies will accept video footage as supporting evidence for your claims if your car is seriously damaged. They will have less reason to deny your claims. Car accident attorneys in San Diego will know how to best review the evidence and make sure you are getting the best result.

Of course, the evidence can turn against you if you’re the one at fault. That’s the risk you take. But if you’re a good driver, it’s a risk that you should perhaps consider.

Will Having a Dash Cam Help Your Personal Injury Case?

If you own a car, you must seriously think about buying and installing a dash cam. It doesn’t cost all that much, and yet it can be invaluable to you. This cam can prove beyond doubt that the accident wasn’t your fault. It can record witness testimony, and also provide proof if the other party has engaged in criminal behavior.

It’s not enough to just have a dash cam, however. If you’re injured in a vehicular accident, you’ll need evidence to support any civil lawsuit you may file for compensation so that you can get the financial assistance you need to pay for medical expenses and to cover lost income and suffering. Your best option is to consult with a car crash lawyer that can help you gather evidence and build your case so that you can get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego we know how to handle these types of cases. If you need legal advice, feel free to give us a call.