Car Crash in Blythe Emphasizes Importance of Safety Restraints

When inside a vehicle, fastening your seatbelt should already be an instinctive habit for your own safety. A truck accident in Blythe, CA which occurred just over a month ago further emphasizes this point.

What Happened in the car crash?

The accident happened late around 11 PM, when Barbara Emard was driving her 1998 Ford Expedition, with her baby. Barbara had pulled her vehicle onto the shoulder of the I10 Freeway going eastbound, and she was starting to get back into the traffic lanes. Suddenly, a 2006 Freightliner semi-truck near the car lost control when its front tire blew out. The truck turned right, and it struck the Ford Expedition that Barbara was driving.

Barbara Emard had just turned 28 years old, and the accident occurred on a Monday evening. By Saturday shortly after noon, she passed away due to her injuries. According to the initial report from Officer Harrison of the California Highway Patrol, the evidence suggested that Barbara had not strapped in her seatbelt.

At least the baby was placed in a child safety seat and survived the crash with only minor injuries. The police identified the truck driver as Curtis Pendegraf, from Houston, Texas. He was hospitalized after suffering major injuries in the crash.

How Safety Restraints Played a Part

The tragic accident demonstrated again the importance of using vehicle safety devices and restraints to help reduce the severity of injuries in car crashes.

Babies are notoriously fragile, yet the child safety seat was enough to protect the child from major injuries. Would Barbara Emard be alive today if she had been wearing her seat belt? We may never know for sure, but chances are that it may have kept her safer than without the seat belt.

Again, this is a reminder that safety is a prime issue when you’re on the road, because accidents can happen at any time. Initial reports didn’t show anyone driving drunk or distracted by using a smartphone while driving. It was a flat tire which started the series of events that led to the death.

So if you’re riding a car, fasten your seatbelt every time. If you have babies with you, use the appropriate seating device that’s suitable for their age.

Is There a Case for Wrongful Death?

It’s too early to tell, as the investigation is still on going. However, if you or a loved one was involved in a similar accident, you may wish to consult a San Diego wrongful death lawyer. Even if you were injured because you were not using your seatbelt, a lawyer should still be consulted so that the case can be evaluated more fully. At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego we care about you and we care about your case.