Accident Tips for San Diego

Often times we get asked where and when do the most car accidents occur. The answer is always “in the most traffic” and at “night”. That is why we have compiled a list to follow if you get into a car accident in San Diego.

  • If you get into an accident at night or on a busy road make sure that you pull over to a safe place. It is so important to get your car off the highway out of the high traffic area. At night this is even more imperative because it makes it much more difficult to see the driver of the incoming.
  • Call the police – If you are ever in a bad accident or one in a high traffic area or even one at night, make sure you call the police. Remember, the police should be called if there is damage to either vehicle, but sometimes the police need to be called for your own safety. Other drivers are not happy when they see an accident. It means that it is going to take them longer to get where they are going and they always assume that someone did something wrong that they would never do. This is not always the case, but we always advise our clients to avoid situations where they may be the victim of road rage and they can do this by calling the police.
  • Get insurance information and driver’s license information. One thing that immediately has to happen is to call your insurance company and the other person’s insurance company to report the accident. That is one of the first steps to resolving the process.
  • Call a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer. You don’t need to have to go through this by yourself. Call someone who is trusted and can get the job done. At San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers, we have years of experience dealing with cases like this and we do not charge for consultations. Even further, we do not charge anything to handle your case. We only collect if you collect.