10 Brands of Garbage Disposals Recalled for Flying Metal Shrapnel

Product recalls may involve serious defects that need to be corrected right away. These recalls include cars, infant equipment, medicine, and these days even garbage disposals. If you have a garbage disposal at home, find out if it’s part of the recent garbage disposal recall.

The Problem that Could Cause Injuries

According to the notice posted with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the problem is that inside the garbage disposal there’s a metal part that can detach and fly out when the appliance is being used. It’s not just a theoretical possibility, as 22 reports have already surfaced about such incidents. In three of the cases, the flying metal parts had hit people, although there have been no reports yet regarding any injury.

All these cases involve garbage disposals made by Anaheim manufacturing, which have been sold under 1o different brands. These brands include famous names such as Frigidaire, Moen, and Kenmore.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Affected by the Recall?

Up to about 146,000 garbage disposal units are affected by the recall. They were sold starting from December 2015 to March 2017 in well-known retailer shops and also online, and they cost anywhere from $80 to $450.

The affected garbage disposal units have a 1 or ¾ horsepower engine. The housing colors include blue, black, gray, and silver and the brand name is printed on the housing. A full list of the affected garbage disposals is available online.

What to Do if you Have Been Injured

If you have any of these garbage disposal units operating in your kitchen, it is crucial that you immediately stop using it. Contact Anaheim Manufacturing online at anaheimmfg.com, or call them at 1-800-628-0797. Call on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can get a replacement garbage disposal for free, and the installation will also come at no cost.

If you have been seriously injured by your garbage disposal, you need to have your injuries addressed right away by qualified health care experts. Then consult with an experienced product liability lawyer who specializes in these cases to determine your legal options at no cost.

If possible, your product liability lawyer can file a suit for you against the manufacturer so you can receive damages and compensation to help cover your medical bills and any potential loss of income. It has happened before; in 2007 Merck paid a settlement worth $4.85 billion to settle 27,000 lawsuits that resulted from the death and injuries caused by their arthritis drug Vioxx.

Your product liability lawyer can guide you on what to do and how to document the evidence you will need to file a lawsuit. If your case has any merit, then it’s possible that you won’t have to shoulder the resulting expenses of any injuries on your own.