Toxic Substance Exposure Injury Lawyers San Diego

It may seem like the hazards of poison aren’t all that serious. But that’s not exactly true. Toxic substances may be where you least expect them, and you could get seriously harmed as a result. If you’re a victim, you need the right toxic substance exposure lawyer to protect your legal rights.

Toxic exposure can happen in several ways:

  • You can touch, ingest, or in some way come in direct contact with the toxin.
  • The toxin can be in groundwater or in your drinking water.
  • It can be in the air you breathe.
  • It can be in the food you eat, whether it’s from a grocery or from a restaurant.
  • It can be in the medicines and supplements you buy or you’re given.
  • It can be in the clothes you wear, which can include protective equipment like latex gloves.
  • The toxins can come from power plants and refineries, and they may be released if a fire goes out of control.

One of the complicated aspects of toxic substance exposure lawsuits is that you’re not aware you’ve been exposed to a toxic substance. Often the symptoms may come only after several years. In some cases, a dangerous medical condition may develop after several decades.

Types of Toxic Substance Lawsuits

It’s obvious that toxic exposure can occur in so many ways that there isn’t just a single type of toxic substance case. Yours can be one of the following types of toxic tort case:

  • Home-related. Your home may be more dangerous than you think. That’s especially true if you live in a home that was constructed using several known toxic materials such as lead or asbestos.
  • WorkYour work may involve more hazardous conditions than you’re aware of. It’s not just the building that may contain toxic materials. The work you’re involved in entail the use of toxic materials too, and you may breathe in toxic fumes that can gradually result in a serious medical condition. The toxin may affect your eyes as well, or it can get through your skin.
  • Environmental. These are often cases that involve polluted air, water, or soil that result from a negligent manufacturing facility. These facilities may be mitting toxic fumes, or they may be disposing toxic waste materials improperly so the environment is affected. In many of these cases, numerous people in the area may come out with many diseases and conditions that can be attributed to the toxic substance.
  • Pharmaceutical. A drug or supplement may contain an ingredient that could prove toxic later on. A drug-maker can be held to account for their negligence if they didn’t test their products properly, or if they knew that there was toxic ingredient but failed to warn the public about it.

Why Consult a Toxic Substance Exposure Lawyer in San Diego?

A lawyer who specializes in toxic substance exposure cases can help you determine your legal options. We at Ozols Law Firm can file a suit in your behalf, so that you can receive compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you went through as a result of toxic substance exposure.