Rancho Bernardo Personal Injury Attorneys

Rancho Bernardo is what is considered a “planned community” within San Diego County. It is known as a great place to live and a great place to hang out due to its housing and parks for young children. The topography of Rancho Bernardo consists mostly of canyons and other rolling hills. The corporate headquarters of the media giant Sony is actually located in Rancho Bernardo.

The most common types of cases from Rancho Bernardo are certainly car accident cases, slip and fall cases and dog bites. Slip and fall cases are due to the shopping malls in the immediate area and dog bite cases because it is very common for people to have pets in this community.

Free Consultations in Rancho Bernardo

If you or a loved one has been severely injured in an accident in Rancho Bernardo, you should call and speak with Ozols Law Firm today. Often times when individuals are involved in an accident where they have obtained injuries, they neglect the legal side of things until later on. This however is a crucial mistake when dealing with a personal injury accident. While it is important to take care of the medical side of things right away, it is also essential to pursue the legal side of the case as well. By contacting a personal injury lawyer promptly following your accident, this allows you to remember the significant details and allows the attorneys time to assess and investigate the case. To begin your free consultation, call us today at (619) 880-2407.

Rancho Bernardo Court Cases

 Cases in Rancho Bernardo will generally go to the downtown civil courthouse. This is the main hub for all types of civil cases in the county of San Diego. A case will start with a demand letter and then if the case cannot be negotiated then the case is electronically filed and assigned to a judge. After a couple months with the assignment and the discovery process beginning, it is common for the courts to give both parties a court date. When the court date is set, both parties will appear and initially discuss the case and their arguments with a judge. It is something that is done in order to see if the case can be settled before trial.

 Unfortunately not every accident has a winning chance at a lawsuit. For that reason our team in Rancho Bernardo will thoroughly assess your accident to determine whether you have a winning case or not. During your free consultation we can answer any questions and talk about getting you the money you deserve.