Rear End Accidents

A rear end collision is the most common type of collision in San Diego. The main reason is when there is traffic, people tend to follow too close behind. A rear end accident is when both cars are going in the same direction and one car runs into the back of the other car. This usually is limited to front end damage to the rear car and back end damage to the front car. However we have seen accidents where it starts at the rear end but then the damage travels up the side to the front of the vehicle.

What to do after a rear-end collision:

There are general things to do after getting in an accident (see Five Tips To Follow After a Car Accident) but on rear end collisions there are some specific things that are important to know.

  • Take pictures of the cars immediately – both your car and the other driver’s car.
  • Stand back if you can and take photos of the scene and the whole collision.
  • When talking with the driver make sure you share your position that they were the ones that caused the accident
  • Call the police

It is so important to call the police if you are feeling any type of pain whatsoever and explain that to the police. The police will not come out unless you are 1) blocking the roadway, 2) you say you are injured, or 3) there is severe damage to your vehicle.

Rear end accidents are the easiest to prove who is at fault, it is almost always the rear driver. Unlike Side-Swipe or T-Bone accidents where it is so imperative to have the police arrive or the insurance companies will rarely ever admit fault in a disputed situation.