Passenger Car Accident Lawyers

If you were passenger in a car that was involved in an accident then you may be entitled to a large settlement. If you feel any pain whatsoever you should go to the doctor. Car accident cases where the passengers are injured are some of the most common cases that get overlooked. Our firm deals with cases all the time where someone was injured in the car with a friend and they think there is nothing that they can do. Our lawyers offer free consultations so that if you were a passenger and got in an accident then we can advise you exactly how to proceed.

If I was injured as the passenger in a car should I go to the doctor?

The answer to this question is always yes. No matter what the degree of the injury is, even if it is just soreness you should always go to the doctor. We have had cases in the past where someone doesn’t think they are injured. Six months later, during exercising they have extreme pain and are rushed to the hospital. These types of things can happen after a car accident with any type of injury especially when there is an injury to the back. In the back, every single spine can get individually injured. The disks in the back can also get moved or enlarged. This may not cause immediate pain, but any tiny movement in the future can cause the pain to manifest.

Experienced Lawyers on Passenger Injury Cases Near Me

We have experienced lawyers waiting to take your call and give you a free consultation. Do your research when hiring a lawyer and don’t just call the first person you see on a billboard or you hear about from a television commercial. Remember these things when looking for an attorney:

  • Has your attorney won awards?
  • Will your attorney be personally handling your case?
  • Is your attorney recognized by local and national news networks?
  • Has your attorney handled a case like this before?
  • Does your attorney have connections in the medical community for treatment?
  • Does your attorney have a large amount of 5 star reviews?

If you can check off all of these boxes then that shows that you have done your research. A dedicated personal injury lawyer in San Diego can sometimes be hard to find. We take our time on all of our cases to make sure our clients get the individualized attention they deserve.