Should I go to the doctor after a car accident?

Should I go to the Doctor even if I am not feeling pain?

Car accidents happen every single day in the US and a lot of the time right after the accident people do not feel pain. Some of the main reasons why people do not feel pain right after an accident include:

  • There is a rush of adrenaline right after the accident
  • Soft tissue injuries do not create pain until they tighten
  • Nerve injuries can come up weeks after the accident
  • Muscles have been dislocated but have not been used enough to create new pain

The result of this is people not going to the doctor. This is a problem and it can create a lot of issues if pain arises at a later time. At Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego we have had cases where there was no pain after the accident but months later a brain injury arose where someone had to get surgery. This is the most extreme example but we have seen it happen and every doctor that evaluated our client attributed the injury to the car accident. If you do not go to the doctor after a car accident and pain comes up later then insurance companies are going to say that the new pain must have been from something else. That is why it is so important to go to the doctor after a car accident.

Is there anything I should say to my doctor after a car accident?

We always tell clients to make sure that you tell the doctor about your pain but also to make sure that you are completely honest and do no exaggerate anything. Full copies of medical records are rarely seen by patients but they are very detailed. Notes taken by nurses or other staff are often notated in the records and if you say something like “my attorney said” to the doctor, that will become a part of your medical record for the future.

The best thing to do is explain your symptoms and if the doctor suggests any type of treatment always agree to it. The best thing you can do when you get injured in an accident is to get treatment in order to get better and to get past your injury.

Will my insurance pay for the medical bills?

If you get in an accident and you are not at fault then your insurance or the other driver’s insurance will always cover all of your medical bills. Just make sure when you go to the doctor you get a copy of your paper receipts. Also, when you call your insurance company you can ask whether or not you have “med-pay” on your policy. Med-pay is an option on an insurance policy that lets the medical providers bill your insurance company while the treatment is taking place. California law says that med-pay cannot make your insurance rates go up if you are not at fault in the accident.