San Diego Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents have a tendency to occur unexpectedly. An individual is walking along fine one moment and the next, the individual is injured after striking the ground. As a result of these surprising events, many individuals feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to respond after a slip and fall accidents occurs. The purpose of this article is to review some basic elements that individuals must remember to do after a slip and fall accident occurs. It should first be noted, however, that slip and fall accidents not a rare occurrence. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slip and falls represent 1 million emergency room visits each year.

10 Things Individuals Must Do After A Slip And Fall Accident In San Diego

1) Create A Personal Record

When slip and fall accidents, it can help if an individual records a personal statement about how the slip and fall occurred. The more detailed that this report can be, the better.

2) File A Police Report

After a slip and fall accident, individuals must make sure to file a report with the police to create documentation that the accident occurred.

3) Keep Records For Your Slip and Fall Attorneys

Individuals must make sure to keep information including medical bills, police reports, receipts for medications, and any other types of documentation regarding the accident. This documentation often comes in handy when a party attempts to demonstrate how much damage was caused by the slip and fall. The National Law Review recently published an article reminding individuals that even when individuals are partially responsible in slip and fall accidents, individuals can still sometimes obtain compensation for injuries.

4) Limit Negative Emotions

After a slip and fall accident occurs, individuals must make sure to avoid lashing out at parties who might have caused the accident. While the temptation is strong, individuals must limit communications to avoid saying anything which might later prove detrimental if the case proceeds to an insurance company or court of law.

5) Never Sign Anything

Individuals should avoid signing any document without the presence of a lawyer. Many times individuals inadvertently sign away certain rights without being aware, which substantially weaken the strength of a slip and fall case.

6) Pursue Medical Attention Immediately

Individuals who are involved in a slip and fall accident must make sure to contact medical assistance immediately. Not only is it important that an individual be examined, medical professionals will also document any of an individual’s injuries which can later be used in the event of litigation or against an insurance company.

7) Record The Contact Information of Any Potential Witnesses

After a slip and fall accident, individuals must make sure to write down the name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Witness testimony can prove particularly advantageous in the event that a situation proceeds to court.

8) Save The Clothing That Was Worn During The Accident

Individuals must make sure to save the clothing and shoes that were worn at the time of the accident because these materials can later be used as evidence in demonstrating how a slip and fall accident occurred.

9) Take Photographs

If at all possible, individuals should takes photographs of the location where the slip and fall occurred. Photographic documentation can prove invaluable in demonstrating how an accident occurred.

10) Review All Available Options With An Experienced San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

Individuals who are involved in a slip and fall accident should contact an attorney to discuss all potential options and the various steps that would be required for each choice.

How A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one have been involved in a slip and fall accident in San Diego and require the services of a skilled personal injury lawyer, do not hesitate.