San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer

Unfortunately, dog bites are not an uncommon event.Sites have issued reports in 2009 demonstrating that 19 dog breeds contributed to 88 deaths between 2006 to 2008. In many situations injuries due to the bite are minimal, but there is often an added element of risk when the dog has an unknown owner due to the potential for rabies. There are some essential steps that individuals in San Diego must remember to take after a dog bite or accident occurs.

If attacked by a dog – Seek Medical Attention

If an individual is bitten or attacked by a dog, it is crucial to seek the medical assistance of a doctor who can make sure that wounds do not become infected. Medical assistance can also create documentation of the dog bite or attack to create a record that the accident occurred. Individuals who are bitten or attacked by a dog must also make sure to file a report with the local animal control agency to ensure that a record of the event exists. Next, after a dog attacks occurs, individuals must make sure to notify the dog’s owner so that the animal can be secured or quarantined. In areas where rabies cases have been reported, it is even more crucial that an individual locate the dog’s owner.

Call a San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer Immediately

This first thing we would do is determine whether or not there is some sort of applicable insurance policy available. An individual should determine whether any applicable homeowner’s insurance policies cover the injuries from the dog attack or if the dog’s owner carries applicable insurance. This part you can leave up to us.

There are several important pieces of information that must be gathered after a dog bite attack occurs including who owned the animal, whether the animal was up to date on shots, contact information for the individual who owned the dog, and exactly how the attack occurred. Individuals must be careful to not just take the dog owner’s word about rabies shots and must instead obtain verification that the dog was vaccinated for rabies. Relax and let San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys do the leg work and collect all of this information for your case.

One of the next things we do is photograph the injuries and the place where the event occurred. Even if it requires unwrapping gauze or padding, individuals should photograph injuries incurred from the dog attack. Individuals must make sure to photograph bruises and if available documentation of any clothing that was damaged during the dog attack.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Keep A Journal Of The Dog Bite Attack

Individuals should keep journals that are periodically updated concerning any injuries or damages that arise as a result of the dog attack. It is important to know that dog attacks can take a long amount of time to complete so this journal might need to be updated over a period of months or even years.

Our San Diego Dog Bite Attorneys Handle Insurance Claims

After a dog bite or attack, individuals might receive a phone call from the insurance company of the dog’s owner. These phone calls can be quite complicated. Individuals should strive to collect as much information as possible about the case while avoiding in any acknowledging anything related to involvement or potential resolution of the case.

How A San Diego Dog Attack Lawyer Can Help

Dog bite attacks occur and when they do, it can be extremely beneficial to contact talented legal representation. If you or a loved one was injured in a dog attack make sure you do the right thing. Call someone who has experience with these types of cases and will give you the personalized representation you deserve. Don’t just speak to a intern or a receptionist. Make sure that if you have a serious case you meet with a real lawyer who can help you get what you deserve.