San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

There are a substantial number of serious car accidents each year in California. The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that in 2014 there were 3,074 fatalities. Automobile accidents can be stressful, particularly when substantial damage or personal injuries are involved. There are a few critical things, however, that individuals must remember to do after a car accident. By following these basic steps, individuals can minimize the amount of damage and to make sure that the case remains as strong as possible in proceeding against an insurance company or court of law.
After an accident happens, if individuals are able to maneuver vehicles off the side of the road to a safer location then it is strongly recommended that motorists do so.

Avoid Taking Responsibility For The Car Accident

Individuals must avoid making statements or saying anything that acknowledges responsibility for a motor vehicle accident because these types of statements can later be used against an individual. It is easy for individuals who are involved in a car accident to become nervous or excited. These emotions can negatively affect an individual’s handling of an accident. Instead, individuals do best to remain calm and handle events in a resolved manner.

Contact Emergency Services At The Car Accident Scene

If the situation requires, individuals should use emergency services. Law enforcement can prove helpful is the other drive is uncooperative, while medical assistance can be necessary if anyone involved in the accident is injured. After a motor vehicle accident, individuals must take special care to not leave the scene of the accident. In many situations, if an individual leaves the scene of the accident before the arrival of law enforcement, the individual can be charged with a crime.

Keep All Documentation For Your San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

Individuals must make sure to keep documentation of all paperwork about the accident including medical bills, police reports, and any other written information that records either how the accident or the resulting damages occurred. Individuals must make sure to obtain an estimate of the repairs that must be made to a vehicle after an accident. Individuals who are not happy with one particular estimate can obtain second or third estimates from other repair shops.

Seek Medical Treatment At The Advice Of Your Car Accident Attorney

If an individual was visibly injured or might have been injured during a motor vehicle accident, it is imperative to seek medical treatment. Not only is it important for an individual to take steps in maintaining health, seeking medical treatment also provides a record that an individual was injured during a motor vehicle collision.

Will My Personal Injury Attorney Take Photographs Of The Scene?

Nowadays, many people carry smartphones with cameras. If available, use a camera to take photographs of various elements of the accidents including property damage to vehicles and any other objects, the specific location where the accident, and any visible injuries that were caused by the accident. Individuals should make sure to talk to witnesses after an accident and to gather contact information for these witnesses. Eye witness accounts often prove advantageous in arguing how a motor vehicle accident occurred. Your attorneys will re visit the scene and often document the crash site as well.

How A San Diego Car Accident Attorney Can Help

It can be quite a scary situation when a car accident occurs. There are sometimes injuries or severe property damage and no one can predict what the future will hold. An attorney can take the burden off of you and get you the recovery you deserve.