The term “ambulance chaser” refers to predatory lawyers who immediately contact individuals after a personal injury accident. While aggressive, these lawyers often lack the experience to successfully help a client navigate through a personal injury case. You want someone who gets the best possible result by following the ethics rules as well.
Because many lawyers are juggling a handful of cases, prior to hiring a personal injury lawyer an individual must know whether the lawyer has the time to handle an individual’s case. Talk to the lawyer and make sure they are able to handle the case and will be able to give you the attention you deserve.
Many individuals are unaware that if compensation is awarded in a personal injury case that the individual will then be responsible for paying back any amount paid by the health insurance company. If you have experienced attorneys, they know how to deal with this. They are able to settle with the insurance companies beforehand so that any check you get will be 100% yours.
There are many different payment structures utilized by personal injury lawyers. One of the most common payment structures utilized by San Diego personal injury lawyers is a contingency fee basis in which a lawyer is not paid for work until a client is compensated. At San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers we only collect if you get paid.
It is not always the best option for an individual to file a lawsuit in a personal injury case. Many cases can be settled without having to go to trial. Individuals should know prior to hiring a lawyer whether it is likely that a case can avoid having to go to trial.