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Additional Details
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Sam N
who gets paid more, army, navy or air force?
i know it depends on time served and rank, but if you were to be the same rank in each service/same time served, which would pay more?

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air force!

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Air Force! They also have MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer bases, and places to live...my girlfriend is in the air force (i'm navy) and she practically does NOTHING all day and gets paid. The barracks they have are like apartments, better food, the base is just beautiful. She will never get deployed in her whole enlistment...I'm jealous. I know Navy bases are hideous..they are very dirty and the there is nothing on the bases..

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The air force they get better benefits,housing, vacation, and pay.
Just check the website and see for yourself

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All pay on the same pay scale.

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It would be the same. However, Army is offering enlisted bonuses up to $40,000 depending on skills etc.

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Olan Black
I think some recruiters are filling kids head with lies!

they would all get paid the same, the only difference may be if one would receive the following:

BAH, housing money if your married
BAS, money for food if your married, or authorized to live off post
Special duty pay, if your Airborne, or get language pay

other than that the basic pay is the same, think of it, if one service paid more, wouldn't everybody try to join that service?

(As a recruiter, i do recall recruits coming from the Air Force recruiter, and telling me that he told them that the Air Force gets paid more, he would show them the BAH scale and tell them they would receive that also, and the other services don't get it)

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Rodolfo R
everyone gets paid the same it depends on your rank if you get more then the guy under you thats all

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they are all paid the same

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they all us the same pay scale. there is no difference in pay.

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John A
Although the pay scale is the same, the rate of promotion differs. You may have a sergeant in the Army who is only 25 years of age. Promotion in the RAF is much slower, however the compensation for this is that tech trades in the RAF are very highly paid, plus RAF is work until age 55, whereas for many the Army is 22 years and then out. (exceptions being LE officers who have been promoted from the ranks and LSL positions, which is Long Service List). It is not unusual to have an Army warrant officer who is only 30 years of age, whereas a Warrant Officer in the RAF normally only gets that position in the last 5 years of service. The difference being that in the Army there are two grades of Warrant, WO2 and the higher WO1 (RSM/ASM). A WO in the RAF is on a level of a WO1 in the Army.

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The military base pay is the same for all military services none of them are different, the only thing different is the sign on bonuses and the special pay you get from different services! So if your planning on joining look at what the bonuses are and the special pay is before you decide okay.

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All military branches are paid on the sale pay scale, since they work for the same government. They are paid according to rank, time in grade, and things like hazardous duty pay in combat, etc.

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It will depend on the job the AD members are doing and getting Special Pay for. If the AD is in the Navy as a Nuke and on a Submarine then he will be getting Sea Pay, Sub Pay and Nuke Pay. So he will be getting more pay. Then you also take into consideration where they are all living. If they are Overseas then there is COLA as well. If married there is 2 rates for each area one without dependents and one with dependents. There is also Family Separation of $250 per month when you are gone longer than 30 days due to schooling, TAD, TDY or deployment.

The person who mentioned BAS is partially wrong. This amount is set, 1 for Enlisted, 1 for Officer's. This is to pay for their food each month. It doesn't matter if they are married or single, they get it. Every time they use the mess/galley it is deducted. For the Navy if you are stationed on a ship it is deducted no matter what except for around $40 each month. The only time it won't be deducted is if you are on a ship that's galley isn't functioning or if you are on shore duty.

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The only time one person would be paid more than another with the same service/grade would be if one was getting special pay like combat, jump, separation, had dependents, or BAH and the other wasn't. All branches of the military use the pay scales.

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Jill C
They all get paid exactly the same. They are all paid through the same agency, and use the same exact pay scale.

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doc bob
They all have the same base pay, but for specialty fields you will get additional pay. (i.e. sub pay - for submarine service)

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They all use the same pay scale.

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Buckeye Bill
Every one paid the same E-3 paid same in all services. Here is the difference that mus t taken in to consideration:
sea pay
special duty pay
hazardous duty pay
special MOS pay
flight pay
and others

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