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andy a
what is the person called that carries the flag for a flight or platoon?

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Honor Guard

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The real Ed-Mike
Color Guard

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Bret Z
The Guidon.

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Jovy T
Man with flag, flag bearer, man in front, strong man, muscle man, point man, patriotic man, brave man, mark man, marathon man, renaissance man, etc

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It's not a flag. It's a guidon. The person that bears the guidon is the guidon bearer.

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Jade | My Brain is My Shepherd

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Katie S
Guidon. I'm positive I used to be one ;D

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That person is the GUidon Bearer; usually the most squared away soldier in the company.

As for larger formations, such a Batallion, Brigade or Regiment; then that would be a "Color Guard"; the Color Guard is formed of the top soldiers of the Batallion or Brigade and they are trained in drill and ceremonies and have the responsibility of carrying the colors during ceremonies.

I was a Guidon Bearer for almost allof my units since Basic Training and is hard work; you have to be tops in everything, your uniform has to be pressed and starched at all times and you have to be the first guy in the formation, because the company will fall in on your position.

My favorite was always the change of comand ceremony, where an outgoing commander will "Pass The Colors" to the incoming commander and you are in the middle of it, handing the colors to the outgoing commander, who passes them to the incoming commander, who then passes it back to you.

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cthulhu will raise
he's the Gideon first squad leader lines up on him and first squad lines up on their leader second lines up behind first and so forth

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The Guidon.

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Platoon Guide it is!!

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The individual that carries the flag, also known as the guidon, is called the guidon carrier, or short guide. Usually is the most squared away unit member of the lower stature that can endure long runs and humps with the guidon.

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Platoon Guide

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He is the Guidon Bearer and usually the most squared away lower enlisted member (E4 and below).

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I have heard them referred to as the Flag Bearer or Standard Bearer but nothing else.

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Doc Hudson
Guidon Bearer

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