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 ADD in the military?
I am in the Army National Guard and have been diagnosed with ADD and have an appointment to see a psychiatrist so I can be prescribed Adderall. I'm not sure if I should go through with this ...

 out the army.....this is why?
i admit that yes i smoked weed and tested positive and that is how they kicked me out. on the first infraction of any kind, no pattern of misconduct, not even a negative counseling statement. they ...

 I was wondering about area 51?
Earlier tonight I watched a show about the "secret government" and I was wonder about area 51. They mentioned that it is under strict control and has alot of security and they cannot put ...

 How do people qualify to work at Area 51?

 Are the military jobs not regarding war?
Okay I'm interested in the military but i don't exactly want to be a trooper and go to war with other countries, fly airplanes and all that. Is it possible to have a regular military job ...

 If I smoked pot during college can I still become an Army officer?
I was wondering if anyone knew whether previous drug use (I don't touch the stuff anymore) would disqualify me from being admitted to Army OCS?
Additional Details
I have no criminal ...

 so i just signed my contract to be a 92r (parachute rigger) in the army with the ranger option?
The job sounds boring to me but the recruiter said that because it would be for the rangers it would be much more fun and i wouldn't be packing parachutes all day that i would be training with ...

 Military Separation Pay?
We were suppose to be getting $250 for separation pay and it was stopped in June (husband was in MOS school until end of September) and I just moved with him in November. He found out we were never ...

 does enlisted army members salute warrant officers?

 Will the Airforce health insurance cover me if im twenty weeks pregnant when he enlists?
My Boyfriend and I found out recently that I am 12 weeks pregnant, I am 19 as is he. We decided that getting married and him joining the airforce would be the best solution to keeping our family ...

 Can my husband reenlist in the Marines even though he has a service-connected disability (he just can't run)?
He got out in August with an honorable discharge (not medical at all) and wants to reenlist more than anything. He was run over by a humvee in June 2007 and still cannot run or walk w/out a cane. D...

 will the army look into this when you're joining?
i get it that they look at medical records, but does that include them looking at if you went to a convient care, you know the places when you have the flu and you wait for 4 hours before you see a ...

 Can i get a no running profile for asthma-active duty army?
i am currently going through testing for asthma but have yet to get the results. I am concerned about my running. I have been at my first duty station for 7 months and still haven't passed my APF...

 If there isn't a war what is do you do in the army if your in infantry?
what is an average day like? Training, PT etc? What do you do? Where do you live? Thanks....

 What time is 11:30-17:00?

 marine g/f that just had baby?
Just wondering when my boyfriend gets out of his training school and actually stationed somewhere can he live off base with me and his son?...

 testing positive for cocaine while your in the army will you face jail time?
one of my boyfriends soldier buddy did cocaine while on christmas exudos. he's trainin at ft.benning thats infantry. he's been there for 11weeks then came home for the holidays. he is a ...

 I am considering joining the Navy' but i have a husband an two kids 5 an 1' what should i expect?DETAILS?
I need details of what i realy should expect' Hw long will i b away'when will i ever see my family??Whats the great thngs about the joining the Navy'???In desperate need of info to ...

 E-4 Corporal wanting to get on the fast track to become E-5 in the U.S Army.?
Like I said Im an E-4 Corporal and have been for 6 months. I have been airborne qualified since being an E-3. Im currently deployed in afghanistan. I have an EIB as well. After this past offensives ...

 My son is in the US Navy can anyone advise me on how he can strike a rate as an RP (?
Currently my son is in Great Lakes as designated because he wanted to pursue his options. Originally his rate was for QM (Quartermaster) but now he want to work as Religious Program Specialist. Any ...

what do i need to pull up to get my w2 from churchs chicken?

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2010-01-19 18:52:50 +0000

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2010-01-19 19:41:47 +0000
How did this end up in Military?

Have you considered asking your manager/former manager (assuming you no longer work there)? Contacting the corporate payroll office?

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2010-01-19 19:00:21 +0000
Ask your immediate supervisor.

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2010-01-19 18:59:33 +0000
What the hell does churches chicken have to do with the military?

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2010-01-19 19:47:03 +0000
How do these long lost wandering brainless people keep finding it necessary to post such silly questions in a military forum??

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2010-01-20 05:57:52 +0000
This is hilarious

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