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 Why don't these gun lovers join the army?
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How did you meet?

Whats the hardest part about haveing a relation ship in the ...

 women in the military?
A friend is trying to stop me from thinking about joining the military. And they used that I have to shave my head as a reason.
Got me curious, do they need short hair? I already have short hair ...

 On what day of the week was Pearl Harbor bombed?

 rebuilding iraq?
who pays for the damage done over there? how much has been soent so far?...

 What jobs in the marines rarely see combat?

 When using the "Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines" motto do military people get offended when you swap the order?
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 Article 15's and Annual Leave?
My idiot son has been in USAF for 1 yr. This week he will be hit with a 2nd Article 15. Both were drinking related, 1st one in basic, underage drinking and he was walking. 2nd DUI on base. Going to A...

 Why do military recruiters prey on those in rural towns and poorer areas?
I don't see them in upscale areas trying to get the youth to enlist.
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dlgfdg: What total and complete BS. "Higher Education", when for a very long time, ...

 My recruiter gave me an option for a lesser enlistment bonus in order to be assured not to be deployed can he?

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 Military Healthcare?
My boyfriend is in the Army DEP and is at MEPS right now to get his ship date and MOS. We're not exactly sure when we're going to get married but it will probably be after basic (unless I ...

 Breast Reduction, Military Spouse, and how to go about doing it?
I am a spouse of an active duty soldier and i heard that they will do a breast reduction for free if it is like...needed.
well...i am 19 and my boobs are freakin huge, and i have a ton of back ...

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 Can former vets wear their military dress uniforms?
If someone is retired from the military are they allowed to wear their uniforms at formal functions like weddings and funerals?...

 Should I get a Field Grade Article 15 for pissing on my 1SG's vehicle?
I was really really wasted and his truck was parked outside our barracks during a surprise room inspection (probably to check for controlled substances). I apologized, but my leadership says they ...

 Iam 31 years old and would like to join the Army but I have some weight to lose--(read on)?
Should I even bother to go talk to a recruitor about joining or should I wait to go talk to one because Im looking at loseing about 50-60 pounds........any suggestions on how to excell my weight loss?...

Jessie B
is the Military right for me!!! Please help me out?
i feel that i have no discipline in my life at all. I am really lazy about alot of stuff. I am getting my diploma in about a month but its a year late from dropping out of school. I workout everyday and i run every morning but besides that i just like lay around and do not feel that i have the right discipline to go to college. I am wondering if the military will make me more organized and disciplined with everyday life. If you have similar experiences please share them. Hopefully success storys. Thank you very much

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jaden b
don't go into the army i have 1 reason why you shouldn't:the military is more than running it includes carrying a 50 pound gun
running up to 100 miles streight and 30% chance of being shot. ps. you arent in the right shape no offense.

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the realest
yeah you could join but you could change your life yourself.

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the military is right for some. if you have very little direction in your life and you are not sure what you want to do then a few years in the military may be right for you. they will train you in a specific field but in many cases you can aquire the same set of non-combat skills at a community college.

if you know what you want to do and you are willing and able to pursue it then do just that. but if you want someone to tell you what, where, when to do something the armed forces it a path.

in the end only you know what is best for yourself and it is up to you to decide what that is.

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The military will take care of you and be good to you. But it won't coddle you. You will get out of it what you put into it.

I wish I had joined when I was your age.

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Ducati 996R
Is Old Spice Body Wash right for me?

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I don't think the problem is "discipline" per say...I think it's direction and motivation. If you run and work-out everyday that shows discipline. The military might be just the thing for you. It worked for me. Just remember this..."your recruiter is a liar" they try to fill positions they need the most. Don't settle for anything. Find a job you can bring back to the world with you and make a good living (e.g. computers, mechanics, electronics, communications, nursing is a great field even for a guy. Not only are you around all the ladies all the time it's a well paying job that you can bring home with you and take anywhere in the country you want to live in). You can also become an officer as a registered nurse. OR tech is way cool. Plus there are sub fields like radiology, physical therapy, etc. etc. but you have to be willing to leave home and not see your family and friends for extended periods. P.S. DO NOT GET MARRIED WHILE YOU ARE IN THE SERVICE!!! The divorce rate for military personnel is horrendous. Good luck man. It's not just a job...it's a job with a lot of perks if you know where to look ;) P.S.S. Get your job in WRITING!!!!

Christ an M60 doesn't weigh that much!!! LOL

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jaden how do you know a m16 weights 50 pounds. You must be a 14year old wanting to join the army or wish you can but your a pussy not wanting to go to war.

Yes the military is right for you. They will turn you in to a real man and get you in track in to the best shape and best job you will ever have

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Yes, the military may be helpful - go for it. However, the marines or army may be a shock - go AF or Navy. My brother had a discipline problem and was lazy - the AF worked wonders and he has his act together and his head is on straight. I was in the AF and the experience made me better and kept me in line.

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The military sounds like a viable option for you. They may be more helpful than a school counselor to help you decide what you want to do with your life. (The recruiters ask you to list 3 areas you'd like to learn). The military will definitely give you the discipline you lack. However, you must come to terms with the fact that your life expectancy will be cut in half. You could get shipped off to Iraq or Afghanistan. Give it a lot of thought. Think about a skill you love doing and feel passionate about. (You ARE good at things. You just have to figure out what. That's what school is supposed to help you discover.) That passion will give you the discipline to develop and excel at that skill. Not everyone is cut out for college. You may want to consider a trade, like carpentry, or plumbing. Any endeavor demands discipline. Good luck.

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Your worse nightmare
yes the military would help you in some regions but you got to think.....do u really want to go to all of that trouble getting disipline then being shipped of to iraq????

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Yes, the army or the usmc would be perfect for you. Talk to a recruiter ASAP

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Kristaps K
You'll get discipline, you'll get endurance, strenght and agility, also you will get a uniform, your morale will rise and you'll have no choice but to follow orders.
But don't forget you will become a soldier. You will also learn how to use weapons and how to kill. Think about it carefully.
And it the basic training they will make you seriously re-think why did you join.
Serious mental and physical training awaits you at the army, and a certain level of risk.

If you decide to join, remember this, you will only succeed if you are brave enough to take up the challenges that what will be given to you.

And don't forget what army is for.

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I am the mother of a now 24 year old boy who was a total slob, who didn't want to exercise, who didn't want to do nothing but hang out with his friends and party all the time. He graduated at age 17 and told me that he wasn't ready for college---and fought with me to let him join the military. He joined the Army at age 17. After 4 years in the military with 15 months in Iraq did he come out a totally changed person. He cleans house, he pays his bills, he takes care of things....the military will give you the structure your need to make it in life later.
Be smart. DON'T join the Marines or the Army. They might give you a nice bonus, but they are also the most likely ones to be sent to war. Try to join the Air Force or the Navy---they are not that heavily involved in the war. My son-in-law is in the Air Force and he had to go to Iraq for exactly 4 months(he works in computers), my daughter had joined the Air Force and got into dentistry, and she can get a well paid job if she wants to(she is finishing college now though). I think the options in the Air Force are a lot safer than the Army---but, no matter what branch of the military you choose, they will give you the discipline you need---because the military does not play---they give you orders and you better do it, or you get penalized.....good luck

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who asked you?
my friend youll be in shape in no time....drill sergeant will take care of the discipline part. military will turn you into a man!!!

jaden the m16 doesnt weigh 50 pounds ROFL

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The military will be right for you if it helps to give you clear goals and a purpose in life. The down side is that getting into the military is kind of like getting married--it's a commitment, and you're not sure if it will work out. The up side is that you may find the mission and comraderie with others makes your soul sing.

If you're having trouble with discipline now, it would not be a good idea to go right into college. All that is likely to do is waste a lot of money and make a mess of your undergraduate grades, which could hurt you in the future when you do decide to get serious.

I think going into a job first would be a good idea. The military has a lot of benefits, including those for education. As far as making you more organized, the military also simplifies a lot of things for you, which can make it easier to get organized. I was in for ten years, though I did it in a different order than you are considering, and I am glad that I had the experience. Though I no longer wear the uniform, I am still fundamentally connected to the military and will always feel such.

I am now working on a second degree that I hope to ultimately take back into military service; yes, my experience has been a success.

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