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 Concerned mom son joined the army?
My son joined the army recently and i'm worried about his safety like any other mother. He is going to be a human intelligence collector. Is this a good job? Will they make him go fight with ...

 im 18 early grad. from highschool.. if i join the marines or AirForce how soon before i get sent somewhere..?
im desperate to get sent...
i hate living with my parents and it seems like the only way to secure my future..
if u are a future marine..have any advice..
also im a small/petite female....

 Is Tzipi Livni Delusional when she says that there have been no Civilian Casualties of the Israeli Air Strikes?
http://uk.youtube.com/wa ISRAEL: No civilian casualties in Gaza!

The Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni states there have been NO Civilian casualties in the Aerial B...

 Who all is subject to army room inspections?
i live in the barracks on post, i have no problem with when they conduct room inspections or if they tell me or not i dont care, i just need to know if soilders who live in the barracks get inspected ...

 Need help about joining the army?
Im 15 and really wanting to join the army my parents say i should but some of my mates and family say i shouldn i dont wan to be away from hom for to long how lond do you usally have to serve in the ...

 comparison between english soldier and terrorists who attacked mumbai hotel Taj?

 will they put you out of the military if you have bipolar disorder?

 Should I join the Navy, AF, or Marines?
I know Im the one who ultimately has to decide this, however Im confused as to which branch is the best for me. Which branch is the best for a woman? Can anyone tell me the major differences or any ...

 Which millitary branch is right for me?
I usually have all A's on every progress report. I dont mind going to war and enjoy adventure. I can swim but dont have interest in doing it for a career. I like being undercover and have no ...

 Can I join the navy if I have had a psycologist ?
I had a phsycologist for depression about 5 years ago having to do with my parents and my fathers drug and alcohol addiction. I live with my grandma, and my deceassed grandfather was a

 Military Question plz answer .?
if i was in in a airborne mission to take the enemys HQ and i was in a squad with only 5 people and i was the leader of my squad wat would be my tactics and styles to try to atleast take out some of ...

 Is there a way for civilians to get tactical training?
For instance on how to use melee weapons and guns and learn how to defend yourself? I don't want to join the military or police academy, because those aren't careers for me, but I want to ...

 Are women forced to serve in a draft?
I don't want oppinons from femanist and i dont want opinions from LIBERALS either i just want the COLD HARD FACTS.. thank ...

 Military Question on Bipolar disorder?
Ok, I asked this question about an hour or so ago, and had all kinds of negative feedback. So I decided to just delete the question and start over.

I have a History of Bipolar disorder ...

 How many body guards does george bush have?

 is area 51 keeping a Secret that can destroy the World why do they keep it so secret ?
I scene area 51 before and it is strange i know its a place to keep and practice new air craft but the sentries are posted everywhere f16 at day time whats strange is the big huge gigantic hanger ...

 to fat and too short for the marines?
i way bout 234-240 and im about 5'2-5'4 ive always wanted to serve in the military and i want to join the marine corps i know its tough and know i need to lose weight. o know its gonna be ...

any advice i want to join the marines and i have a bout an 80 average what can i do join a college nrotc program i feelmy dreams are crushed enlisted is out of the ...

 Do you think any of the National Guard from the US will be sent to help out over in Haiti?

 What do men in the army do?
to train? i know imma sound like a total douche by asking this,but i have an upcoming roll in a short film as a solider and i don't want to come across as a 100% poser (even though technically i ...

is an ASVAB score of 75 good enough for the Air Force?
Will i be able to have a lot of job options? My recruiter left town a week ago so i can't ask him =(

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2010-10-29 19:02:20 +0000

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2010-10-29 19:26:09 +0000
that is a good score. you will get a big list of jobs

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2010-10-30 13:24:47 +0000
75 is pretty decent. When I took the ASVAB I got a 93, and my recruiter told me I qualified for every enlisted job they offer, based on the ASVAB alone, of course. Below is a site where you can get specific information on every enlisted job in the air force, including ASVAB prerequisites, security clearance, and physical fitness requirements. I didn't end up joining but as I recall 75 was considered a pretty good score.

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2010-10-29 19:02:39 +0000
yeah that is easily a good enough score....

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2010-10-29 19:04:20 +0000
If the 75 is your AFQT you are a CAT III A, and it is a good score. If it is your ST, or other lines score you are already lost as the words I am writing are too long.

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2010-10-29 19:02:54 +0000
well yes and no depending on what kind of job you want and what you are actually qualified to do when it comes to like having a security clearance. i mean its average. not bad but not great either. ill say you will have a list of at least 10 jobs to choose from, that should give you an idea

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2010-10-29 19:02:09 +0000
try always have a go or you'll never know i learnt this from experience I'm giving it to you first hand

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