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how do we get the army to help us when my husband abandoned us.?
I was abused by my husband, we were abandoned when he left to a new base. and now after JAG and IG cant get him to pay the BAH we are now homeless. The SGT major wont let us have an AER loan because he believes its best to send us home. Home for us is Alaska. We are now in FT Drum NY. This sgt major has made more hurdles to jump through rather than help us with a small loan that my husband and his unit has agreed to already. the only person in our way is this one sgt major. How do i get around this guy to get AER to approve of this loan.

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Go thru the army social services, the chaplin, the army AER programs, file an EO complaint, I think your a civilian, so you can sue the army, if I am correct, I may be wrong, but check into it. Try family advocacy programs, every program the army offers, there has to be a program you have to try before you give up. Of its in your divorce degree, you then sur your husband for the BAH, if no one can make him pay.

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Go over his head. Talk to the IG. If he wont help go to the Fort
Drum Commander.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a nice day.

Thank you very much, while you're up!

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BHA and COLA are for your support. I would recommend contacting the base commander. Then I would contact the base finance office. If he isn't going to use the money for you, he should pay it back. Also. contacting your congressman will help speed things along. I would also recommend contacting and attorney.................

Good Luck.............

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Doyle gave a very good answer to your question. The last going rate that I know of is 20% of his pay plus the basic housing allowence.

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Ray H
Go back to JAG and list your grievance , talk to the post commander , and if that does'nt work see the chaplain . There should also be some form of family assitance group there that will also help you .
I'm very sorry to hear that a soldier in my army treated you that way .
God bless you .

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i do not have a solution.. but man, that is shallow.

i hope the best for you and your family. good luck :)

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Contact the local legal services on base.

Does his unit have an Ombudsman? They can help if she is good an really cares to pass item sto the command. You also can ask the local TV station to help,once the news get involved the army will investigate immediately. Ask to see the his unit commander or better the commanding General of the base, the more pressure you apply the higher the leverl of response you will receive.

I also would contact he chaplian. You actually have the law on your side. There is no force someone to pay their bills, they can order him to setup and maintain an allotment check

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He has no choice to pay BAH... It would be automatically cut from his pay and deposited in your account twice a month. As long as he is being paid you will also. Go to the CG of the base and insist on seeing him.

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You should be able to get an appointment with his former CO. But it you aren't getting any help, you should begin calling your Congressman, be polite, explain that your situation is dire and ask you Reps. office for help. You should also look for a local legal aid office. They're often able to provide pro bono help.

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You need to make a bigger stink. No one will listen unless you go to the right people. Sounds like the SGM is dragging his feet. If this soldier abandoned you and your kids you get a percentage of his pay, plus child support. If you are still married to this fool, then you deserve at least that. Go to the Post Commander and demand something be done immediately. You should not have to be homeless, just because this abuser wants to be cute and think he got away with something. He can actually be kicked out of the military for this sort of thing.

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here and now
doyle and army girl have the best answers here. All CO's and IG's pay a little more attention when congress or senate get involved.

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The best answer I can give is talk to the local chaplain. They have a way of making things go faster.

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get thee to a lawyer and get a court order requiring your spouse to pay child support and/or alimony. without that court order, JAG and IG cannot do anything.

the Sgt Major is correct.. in the case of abandonmenet, the family is no longer authorized to live in base housing, as the sponsor is no longer stationed there. All they are required to do is send you back to your HOR.

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I am stationed at Ft Drum also.. Send me an email, I can get in touch with the right people.

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Go straight to the commanding officer of Fort Drum. March right into his office and insist on being helped tell him your husband abandoned you and children he will get you some action.

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Doyle Hargraves
I am really surprised the IG was not more help, and I would hit him up again. AER is not officially part of the military, so I doubt there is much the SGM can do there, but if you have tried going through AER directly, and you are still not getting help, you do not get help from the base, you have to go to THEIR higher.

If he is still in the military and you are still married, he has to give you a percentage of his pay. If you do not get any help from his division or base commander, talk to your Senator and Congressman - go to www.house.gov and www.senate.gov, and get the contact information for your representatives. They will take action, and the military will sit up and pay attention, I guarantee it!

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Go over his head, your not going to get in trouble for ignoring the chain of command because you are not in the military.


Just checking in, how are you doing? You have received some good advice here. I hope this gives you some strength.

BTW, whatever you wind up doing, do it with class. Present your situation clearly and articulately, sit down and write all of the grievances you have against your husband and anyone who stood in your way while trying to get help for yourself and your/his CHILDREN.

Sit down with a friend and review the list. Make as many corrections as possible, then make multiple copies of the list. Carry several copies with you at all times. When you are talking to someone who is higher up the chain and you feel that you are flustered, scared, intimated, or unable to make them understand what is going on, hand that person the list. It will facilitate the response time.

You have to overcome any emotional weight and feelings of helplessness, and turn yourself into a focused warrior who knows what is right and will not be stopped until your children are properly cared for.

Remember, be firm, but above all be respectful.

Good Luck.

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