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Erudite Pejorative"
Why are we sending 35,000 more troops into Iraq?

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Saucy [Lives]
Because if we don't them we'll lose you idiot
--hoping your common sense will take control--

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You know, I'm tired, good night.

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Too try and control the insurgency and hopefully stop a civil war in Baghdad.

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I think it's a desire, but not offical. It's to help train the Iraqi soldiers and police faster.

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My son has been there since last Jan. and his Unit is actually coming home early. I am so tired of hearing all the speculation about what the strategy is in Iraq. Quite frankly that type information should be need to know. Do you really think the bad guys aren't listening to our news. The generals on the ground over there should be making these decisions.
What do you think the radicals will do if the news says we will be out by such and such a date.
Da-a-a sit back and wait till we leave to start killing anybody they don't like. And then there is Iran. If we don't stabalize the government of Iraq, Iran is sure to raise it's ugly head.
One of the biggest problems right know is that there was not enough time taken to screen the Iraqi Military and Police before they started training. So know what we have are insurgents and radical Muslim's infiltrated in the Army. we now have a situation where you can't tell the good guys from the bad. You can not rush the development of a new democracy. Especially one that is made up of a very diverse population of people that have lived their whole life's in fear, and another group of radicals who truely beleive if you don't beleive as they do you MUST die period.

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You are making an assumption that may not be true. We may not be sending any new troops into Iraq. Furthermore, your figure of 35,000 may also be off target. The military has recently said that it doesn't need more troops.

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His Angel
I am glad we are sending more because it will really help out those that are already there. I am happy because of this because my husband is there and they need all the support they can get. It will help to stabilize the country faster, thus sending troops home earlier.

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Did you ever think that we might be cycling out the other troops already over there!?

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dose it really make since to withdrew some troops and leave less troops to defend themselves? Wake up! the more the better.

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To further enhance the profits of Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, and other choice beneficiaries.

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1.To help secure Baghdad amid daily car bombings and kidnappings

2.To make a renewed push to quell the insurgency in the Western province of Anbar

3.To tackle the militias behind much of the sectarian violence in the country, but especially the capital.

Military commanders, however, have been expressing scepticism that extra troops on their own will have much effect.

They say that stability in Iraq can now only be had by political means.

I believe the military commanders are best-positioned to know ground reality but all the Adminstration in Washington is concerned about is a face-saving "final push".

2007 looks grim.

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umm in vietnam we pulled out pretty fast when we tryied to change a govorment, so why are we still in there?to lay down the laws so they have the rigth to give them what ever they please, if they wanna be red, let them be red, if they wanna be democrats, let them be democrats, if they don't want to change thier govorment, we put saddam back in his own chair since we did not find and wmd's and we persecute ourselfs as the attacker and take the blame on george bush's republician imperialistical mind to lay down our laws every where in the world.

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To keep the others from coming back. Plus gas prices are up and feeding them is very profitable. This is our current representation's idea of creating more jobs. They're killing two birds with one stone. But don't blame Bush, he's just a puppet for the big corporations. Put your self in his shoes- take the job or be unemployed! Poor guy doesn't know whats coming, and when he looks back, he'll be standing alone (just like Sudam). Hey! What ever happened to Osama? I thought I read in the Enquirer that he was over Bush Sr.'s for Thanksgiving.

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yep that about sums it up Bush is a moron and corporate greed...oh I mean for the sake of a democratic Iraq or whatever rhetoric they are spouting this week

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b/c freakin bush is an idiot and obviously he doesn't care if thousand more will be killed and he knows that but he has no heart

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