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Maradona Jr.
Who is Military the strongest country in the world...... USA, Russia or China?
1. Russia
2. China
3. USA


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China because every person is the army. Hitler did not invade Switzerland because they did not have a standing army because every citizen was in the army, if the town bell rang they would get their gun out of the closet and report.

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USA, russia is falling apart and china is a biggest threat but were in the process of surrounding them to take over there country. We want to be the first empire to take over the world, and its looking as if it will happen.

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U S A b/c we borrow money from China to keep it going,some day China may foreclose on us if dont pay back & that when you get kicked out on the street.

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China with millions of soldiers.

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I'll have to say it depends. If you are referring to either Air combat or nuclear warfare The United States has far more thunder.

However due to China`s Population and larger military force, and abilities to force recruitment, if it led to a ground assault, their numbers alone could tip the balance to their side of the scale.

Since post cold war Russia itself was divided into their own countries. Also their economies are not doing so great.

One more thing war location can also be a factor.

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Colter B
Russia is using outdated tactics and weaponry.... not to mention their economy could not support a lengthy war. They are pretty much out of the count as far as any powerful army.

Then we have the USA and China.... China beats us in number of troops by FAR. If they threw everything they could as us, they could put 35 million troops in the field..... only about 8-10 million would be fully trained and equipped with modern weaponry though. They have adopted a new assault rifle recently of the bull-pup style which may be equal to or better than the m16/m4 family, however they have not built enough yet to replace their Kalashnikov family of weapons completely. They have the third largest nuclear submarine army in the world. As of now, their biggest problem is transport, they have tons of troops but don't have the transportation network to send them anywhere quickly or in mass numbers. Their navy is increasing in size, but enough ships to transport their army and its supplies is a big task.

As of now, their economy is strong, but depends heavily on the United States. If they invaded the USA, obviously we would no longer trade with them and their economy would go down the toilet fast.

If their become economically independent of the USA, they could pose a serious threat. especially, since they are desperately short of land and we have plenty of it.

USA is probably the best right now, but as Chinas economy becomes stronger, we could quickly become 2nd place in the next decade.

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Der Lange
I answered this AT LENGTH recently - check my "best answers" list for the details.

Summarizing now - China has a massive military but it is both hampered by its size and its deficiencies. It is primarily a forcce for internal control and defense. It will be decades before Russia's military ever equals, if ever again, that of the late USSR.

For the moment, the US has the most powerful military establishement, but given the nature of future conflicts, the US is probably not anywhere near as strong as it thinks. Small-scale, low-intensity wars have not been America's forte since the Revolution.

France may be the most capable military state in the world today. Size, equipment, training, doctrine and experience suit France's military for present and future conflits better than any other nation's military.

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☼ Stefy!
USA... so what? All it takes is ONE Weapon of mass Destruction and Where's America now? One mind can destroy thousands!

I find that's nothing to be proud of... and I live here but knowing we have strong army doesn't make it any amazing deal.

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4. Israel.

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the USA would destroy both of those countries

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Sean G

Russia cant even pay all it's Soldiers, some goe months without getting any Rubles while their families suffer and they are treated Horrendously

China is too interested in its economy and putting down internal dissent, it has neither the C2 elements neccessary, nor the Force Projection to be world wide in its military reach

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Yak Rider
The Russians can't even feed their troops.

The Chinese troops fight just fine when it comes to slaughtering unarmed civilians and executing political prisoners, but they haven't been in action since they scrapped with Vietnam in the 70's and that didn't turn out too good for them.

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Who cares, Japan will destroy them soon, economicly!!!

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Jade Rat
America is the equal of Russia and China combined, it can easily pass if you also combine India and North Korea into the mix of combined states.

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Well depends on how you want to answer this. The strongest overall military would be:

1. USA
2. Russia
3. China

The USA has the strongest military cause of the 4 branches that can work together. While Russia and China may have bigger armies, we have more technology and support from the other branches.

In a naval comflict the US Navy is the biggest by far in the world and strongest by a long shot. With 12 carrier battle groups no nation can even come close to matching that. On top of that we also have the strongest submarine fleet in the world with Russia probably not to far bhind. WWII demostrated how deadly a nation submarine fllet can be.

In regards to the air force the USA again undoublty wins this battle. Russia has many fighters that can match many of our fighters in speed, manuvability, and deadlyness how ever the one advantage we have is that you can't see some of our planes on RADAR which is huge when trying to find your enemy.

Something people have failed to realize is that while size is important, technology is where it is at. If your military has to be within 5 miles to kill mine, but my military only has to be 10 miles away to kill yours I get a much bigger advantage. it kinda like when the gun was first invented. Armies of a smaller number would decemate and army of bigger numbers cause they could attack from further away.

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3. The United States of America .

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Kosovo for sure:D
Not really,no.
I could imagine that USA is has the strongest military.

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Larry R
The U.S.

Napoleon once said "Amatures talk tactics, professionals talk logisitics."

By that he meant that having a great army with brillant commanders and millions of troops doesn't do you a darn bit of good if you can't GET it anywhere. Look at China, a HUGE Army, but it is only a threat to the countries it can walk to. It can't GET anywhere...China lacks the planes and ships and trucks to move it anywhere.

Napoleon also said "An Army travels on it's stomach." An Army needs food, bullets, guns, gasoline, vehicles, replacement parts, radios, computers, tents, sleeping bags, water, medicine, hospital supplies, soap, tires, oil, spoons, knives, forks, plates, hats, tents, rope, toilet paper, gas masks, blankets, sunscreen, maps, telephone cable, etc.

It is hard enough to move your army into the country next door, when you can use your trains and trucks to supply it... just think about how hard it is to move an Army to the other side of the planet, where you have to supply it by ship and by airplane... and all those ships and airplanes ALSO need gasoline, replaement parts, food, maps, water, etc... All of this can absorb more men and money than the fighting troops itself. It is called the "Toot to tail" ratio. The "tooth" part is all the guys who are actually in the position of being able to kill enemies, and the "tail" guys are the ones who may find themselves in the position of fighting but don't usually expect to do so. (But all of them can die; everyone is potentially a target even if they aren't all shooting.) We speak of the tooth-to-tail ratio, though it usually makes more sense to talk about tail-to-tooth: How many men must there be behind the front doing unglamorous work to make it possible to put one man directly into combat? In some cases it's greater than 10 to 1.(Though in the modern U.S. Army a lot of the tail jobs are done by contractors, like Haliburton and other companies).

Even then you still have to have as many teeth as the other guy you are fighting...this means you have to have a big force.

The point is, ONLY the USA has the money to support all the tail that is needed for a force that can go anywhere on the planet and fight. Every country has "teeth"... but "teeth" that dont have the proper supplies, don't have the right ammo, can't get where they are supposed to be, that run out of water, who's vehicles break down... they are pretty useless.

China and Russia may have powerful forces, but they can't project them anywhere, they can't send them anywhere... they can defend their own homeland and nothing else.

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Alex P
All countries have nuclear weapons therefore every country can destroy other or even all world.

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100% USA.

USA not only has Nuclear weapons and ICBMs that can be fired at any target throughout the world, it also has aircraft carriers and battle groups that can rapidly deploy to and from any point and parts of the world. What other nation can do that? China can't even land in Taiwan.

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ramon b
The United States spends more on defense than all other countries in the world combined and the US is the only country in the world with the strategic airlift capability to actually project divisions of forces in a small amount of time. So I think the USA has the strongest military.

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USA although China is gaining ground. Russia is out of the raceand just blowing hot air.

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Mike A
Former Military Intel - I studied this.

The larger is China.

The most technical is USA

I would take technical anyday.

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Constitutional Watchdog
USA (by far)

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Shadow Knight
The United States has the strongest military.
It leads in technological development, integrated services, and political commitment.
China has the largest land force but lags behind in technology and integrated services. It's army is also largely made up of conscripts and lacks in training hours.
Russia has a huge arsenal of weapons but is still strapped for cash and has large amounts of conscript warriors.

However despite it's superiority the U.S. and indeed any nation on this planet would be devastated by a large scale war.

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