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 How many Deaths Do You Expect in Iraq?How long Is the War Going To last?

 Oh by the way, did I mention my son is dead?

 How many countries have ever dropped a nuclear bomb into a civilian population?

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Check out the Tech man getting all excited. I asked a question thats all. Youre the one reading things into that.

The fact is the US is the only country ...

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 MP Wife...Are officers or other MPs allowed to reprimand military wives for their appearance?
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 who won world war 2???
I believe that the Soviet Union won the war,25 million Soviets died,less than 300,000 Americans died,the Americans and the uk only helped the Soviet Union after they began winning,when the Germans ...

 I Want to become an army officer.please give me some details about army?

 What are your thoughts on 20% of suicides in the US being carried out by war vets?

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Smelly foot it comes from usmilitary....

Who does the flag go to at a military funeral?
My grandfather-in-law passed away New Year's Eve. He was survived by 3 daughters. The flag and bullets were given to the youngest child, is that right way...or does it matter?

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He might have been told to choose in the event that he was KIA.

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doesnt matter ....my father in law died in 03 the flag went to his oldest which is my husband and three of the bullets as well, my husband gave the other bullets to his dads brothers, my husband is active duty and was the one who insisted on the military honor at the funeral, my father in laws wife didnt want anything to do with it, but he loved his time in the army and anyone who knew him knew he would have loved it at his funeral.....we have his flag and his bullets framed together.....my husbands sister never wanted the bullets or the flag..not that the flag would have been given up

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It goes to who ever the family tells the honor guard to give it to.

The honor guard has no way of knowing, who is related to who, who is older.

Unless someone tells them.

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You cant touch this
Its a show of honor your Granfather earned. I honor his service and regret your loss.

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Military protocol was observed or else the items would not have been given to that particular person. Why don't you raise the issue with the daughters but as a curiosity, who would you believe should get the flag.

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7 of 9
The youngest, I believe it shoudl have been the oldest child if the wife wa snot alive, in my uncles's case, the wife was no longer married to my Uncle so the oldest Son fought for the flag, I thought this was disgusting. They gave the flag to his ex-wife.

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It usually goes to the Next of Kin. Any of the daughters could have received the flag unless he specifically named someone in a will or other document.

If it was agreed upon by all the daughters then it is right. It really doesn't matter as long as everyone agrees. It should go to a spouse first then children if there isn't a spouse.

I've never thought about who I want to have my flag when ever I go. Maybe I will put that in my will.

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I've worked funeral honors before and have done many Next of Kin hand offs. The decision is made by the family, and the funeral director relays that to us. Generally, it doesn't matter as long as the decision is made with decorum. I once did a funeral where no family members where in attendance--There were literally five people at the grave site: Three of us soldiers, the minister, and the funeral director. We went through the entire ceremony and presented the flag to the funeral director, who was going to do his best to get it to the appropriate person.

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Used to be its usually given to the widow. If no widow, the eldest son, If no son, the eldest daughter. One time, the two sons (from two different marriages) actually started to fight over who got the flag and I didn't know who to give it too, so I set it quickly on the coffin, gave it a crisp salute, did an about face... and walked away fast!

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The law used to state that it went to the eldest son. But the flag code was changed in the 80's. Please see the web site below and it will give you all the answers.


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Myce Elffe
It goes to the next of kin ...
Spouse, eldest child, surviving parent.

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It usually goes to the widow.

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