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 Why is the infantry easy to get into for enlistees but hard for officers?
I have noticed that the infantry is pretty easy to get into for enlistees. A lot of the guys who score low on the ASVAB get put in the infantry. However, it seems different with officers. A lot of ...

 Who has the strongest Military in the world?
Like technology, manpower and artillery (weapons)...

 Are there "cliques" in the army?
I know that there are different companies for different MOSs, but I'm talking about cliques, like the ones in high school. Are there cliques in the Army, or are most people considerate and ...

 How does a guy diagnosed as a homicidal killer keep his DOD security clearance?
"As far back as the year 2000, the respondent has actually attempted to murder several other people, either through poisoning. He is a revenge killer. When he feels that he's been slighted ...

 Provo's,PIRA and Loyalists,UVF?
Do they still exist or are they just an excuse for Irish organised crime?...

 Do you think we have the capability to take out Iran's nuclear facilities....?
some of which are, I believe, 100 feet underground??

I sure hope so....maybe it will require ground penetrating-underground nukes.
Additional Details
Good point rotorhead....

 What would be the safest country in the world in case of World War 3?

 Can you become a Sniper within your first year of joining the Army?

 How many military officials have been fired for speaking out against Iraq?

Additional Details
Im a Vet- so you dont need to explain how they arent really "fired" but you know what I mean here---...

 Georgia won't surrender without a fight!!!?
Georgia is a friend of the West/NATO/USA/European Union and this is basically what this whole thing is about, is'nt it. Russia still views all these Eastern block countries as it's own. W...

 Why require a highschool diploma?
Didnt Audi Murphy somehow convince the military into thinking he was an adult, when actually he was like 16 almost 17??

LOTS of people have joined the military at early ages, and without ...

 I am color-blind, going to Army OCS. What branches can't I do?
I heard it will prevent me from signal. I also heard that the high-tech electronics are a no go and that I will not be able to go to fire and effects like infantry, artillery or armor.

I ...

 Branch Superiority?
Does anyone think differently than "Every branch has it's own mission, and without them coexisting together, no branch would function properly"?

I'm tired of seeing ...

 Looking for the best night vision binoculars?
From experience..do you know which is good.. for under $400

Additional Details
I'm thinking of getting some to give as a gift....

 What if the south had won the civil war?
in your opinion, what would the U.S be like today if the southern states had won the civil war?...

 What would a Marine tail gunner have done during WWII?
My late father-in-law was a tail gunner in the war in the Pacific and I would like to know more about what the "typical" experience of these men would have been.
Like many of these ...

 Comforting or encouraging words for combat troops?
What are some words of encouragement or other things you liked to hear when you were in combat and absolutely miserable? I have a friend who is in Iraq and everytime we talk he understandably always ...

 How do I say, "Halt! Halt! Halt, or I will release my dog!" I'm a K-9 MP in the Marine Corps.

Additional Details
Aw hell. I've been posting this question all over the place today. I need to know how to say it in Arabic. We have to give a warning in the native language ...

 How were Vietcong able to breach and invade the US embassy during the Tet offensive? Where were the Americans
Footage of Vietcong being flushed out of the US Embassy in Saigon during the Tet offensive was very devastating to Lyndon Johnson, and the war effort in general. It was a gigantic propaganda coup.<...

 What is the best position for a girl in the military in Iraq?
Not that I'm trying to join. Okay fine, here’s my story. I’m a senior in high school right now and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper staff, as well as the photographer and layout designer ...

Which is tougher, the Marines or the French foreign legion?
The question is about their training, knowledge, survival skills, etc.
Who is more capacitated as a human weapon?
Who is more elite?
Is the French foreign legion more like a Special force? To which may it be compared of the US special forces?

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Deaf wolf
what are you?A stupid frog? The Marines can beat anybodys ***. The french ****** legion are a bunch of pricks. Drunks and idiots. My 14 year old daughter can shoot better than the FFL. No women at all? Shesh what do you think they are doing in the desert.?

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You must be a CID agent because that question is ridilous just like a CID investigation, Special Forces is the elite of the elite. when you want everyone dead with no answers they call special forces. The French Legion are retards, I worked with them in Afghanistan, they are not focus, their drunks, and horrible shooter's, so there no. they're not tougher than a squad of Marine from Basic which would probably murder them

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Without question - the U.S.Marines !

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Are you kidding your talking about a French led military >>> The French...LOL.

Marines all the way. Simper Fi to those who KNOW.


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Here's a shining example for you to contemplate. You will never see an advertisement like this from the Marines.


French Foreign Legion Rifles.
Never fired and only dropped once!

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The United States Marine Corps are the toughest
fighting force than the French Foreign Legion.!!
4. Maybe for France.
5. N O!!

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The U.S. Marines

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peter s
A better question is what about the French Colonial troops? The legion had it's moments, but without the support of Colonials, they would have been decimated. Research the French experience in Vietnam, Algeria,Morocco, Egypt, and a thousand other places.
All US military are best supported, and now something to be said about all volunteers. Whoops, The Guard and Reserves get some obsolete equipment, and still do it.
Marines have greater firepower than anyone, but still go in to bad places. A true fighter will not depreciate a different branch or nationality fighter.

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Billy Shat
The French Foreign Legion is considered an elite fighting force comparable to the Green Berets. This is mainly because they are sent on clandestine missions that the French government doesn't publicly support. They are strictly a combat unit and do not have need of a support staff, since that is taken care of by the French army regulars. Of course, joining them, you have to become fluent in French as part of your training and have no leave priviledges for approx 5 years. They also train to survive in the jungle or desert, since that is where they are directed to serve.

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There are individuals in both groups that are extremely tough. I'd say the average French Foreign Legionnaire is tougher than the average Marine though. The training they go through is pure torture and they arn't co-ed. A Marine in 2007 is not quite the same thing as a Marine in 1965. All of the American Armed Forces have been negatively impacted by political correctness and emasculation. This has not happened to the Foreign Legion. They don't have time for that $hit.

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They share a lot in common:

like losing in Vietnam or Indo-China as the French call it.

Like being in a draw in Korea,

Like being in a world of hurt in Lebanon (same day suicide bombing of the U.S. Marines the F.F.l. lost 79 guys to a suicide bomber as well.)

As both are based on different military policies with regards size of units, military budget,, types of units in composition, like armour, artilliry, etc..etc..you cant just say "A" is better than "B", both have to be taken on their respective merits, and respective weaknesses.

As representatives of their respective countries they both do an outstanding job and its sad to see people commenting on supposed weaknesses between Allies with a long and noble tradition of cooperation (USA and FRANCE.)

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