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 Are You Military?
Are you part of the military or are you civilian.
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You can go to the "History "Military" Channel" and watch the,"My War Diaries" all day........
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The Bush Administration & Big Business ...

 How often can you be deployed?
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 When it comes to WWII, why do most people forget that upwards of 60 million were killed?
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 Why was there never a military coup in the US history?

 Any soldiers here who just got back from war?
First I want to say thank you for all that you do for us.

Second, what do you guys think of the war in iraq? Do you think it's necessary to stay and has it really gotten better?

 Why does the military move people all the time?
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 What do you think will happen if the troops stay in Iraq? What do you think will happen if they are withdrawn?
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Both candidates have plans for Iraq

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 Since end of WWII, when have the US not been at war ??
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 I would like to know how many of Mitt Romney son's have served in the military?
They have Five....

What should I put in a letter to someone in Basic Training?
I know some friends that are in Basic Training, and I am sending some letters to them (they don't get much mail, and I don't know them that well, but they feel homesick, and I would like to make them feel better) . What should I put in there?
Additional Details
Answerer 2, should I just put their (the people who will get the letter) address on there?

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Talk about anything, they'll be happy to get a letter. On the outside of the envelope make sure to put what a pus.sy their drill seargent is. They'll thank you for the PT score later.

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Offer them anything that can motivate them to succeed. They are being broke down physically and mentally and just need to know that someone cares at home. Tell them about good things that are happenning in your life anything to cheer them up. It is amazing how a letter can get you through a hard day in basic. If you know them well enough let them know that you are proud of them for doing something of honor.

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Good news and well wishes. Update on the local goings on.

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Bill G
In basic training, the recruit is practically cut off from the world so they can be remade into a GI. Getting a letter from a freind at home gives them a respite from the military and lets them remember they are an individual. Tell them you are thinking about them and encourge them to do their best. Let them know you are pulling for them to complete the training. Some will try and quit before they finish training and they will regret they gave-up for the rest of their lives so encourage your friends to finish. Write them often even if they don't write back. Don't talk about politics or the war. Just tell them what you are doing and that you're thinking about them.

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Just write them and tell them that you miss them, and that you support them. They will appreciate it. Put it in a plain white envelope, with nothing but the address on the outside. They will thank you for that.

EDIT- Theirs and your return address. Don't go putting stickers on the outside, or cute little "I miss yous", or anything like that. Colored envelopes are a bad idea to. Drill Instructors enjoy handing out abuse for things like that. When I was in Boot Camp, my girlfriend at the time put Winnie the Pooh stickers on the outside of her letters, and I got to spend 3 minutes on the quarterdeck for every freaking sticker. Guys with "friends" or older brothers who were already in the Corps would send them that sort of thing just to f*** with them.

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home stuff what you doing what others they know are doing, home gossip.

I did multiple choice -fill in the blank letters for my son, a big hit with him as they do not have a lot of free time. Then he would send it back with a little extra info on the back. send stamps and moleskin

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Words of encouragement and love. Give them support. They don't need to have any negative feeling right now, as life is hard for them.
When I went through my best friend sent a letter to me that he'd drawn a picture on the envelope. It was a DI yelling at a boot, with the line "Give him hell Sarge!" written on it. I got dropped for push ups over that, but it was worth it since my DI was laughing his butt off the whole time. It made for a very interesting mail call.

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Send them the front page of the local News Paper from the day they left for Training


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